The great thing about the book community, is that if you get really involved like a lot of us bloggers do, you get to meet some really awesome people.  It was probably about four or five months ago that I was added to author Karina Halle’s street team. When I did, I kept seeing these paintings done by one of the other members of the street team for her books.  I love street/urban style art. And I obviously loved these. They are handmade, she draws, cuts stencils and then layers them using spray paint. (and it’s so much more complicated than that) It’s so cool.

Ellie from the Artist Trilogy

Ellie from the Artist Trilogy

My favorite however, was her Come Alive (Experiment in Terror book #7) paintings:
comealivewoodpanelsPS these are still available on her etsy shop, but hands off. I want one!!

You join (get added) to enough street teams you are going to get to know other people in the community, and that’s what happened with Emily, the artist of these spray paint masterpieces. It wasn’t until we were both in a smaller street team that we even shared words, and mutual fondness for tattoos, and male models with tattoos. Just looking at her work makes me want to paint. In fact it inspired me to try my hand at painting and crafting again, after a few years hiatus. I had forgotten how calming it was to create something.

Interview with Emily artist/owner of BOMBcutz:

EmilyFrankeFacebook / Etsy

Hi Emily, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey Lori! Thanks for having me! I currently live in southern California but I’m a bit of a gypsy and have only been here a few years. I’m a bit nerdy on occasion as my art can testify. I grew up going to museums and worked at one for many years. I’m a big fan of the bold look in graphic/urban art. It’s available to the masses and the artists’ statement is there for all to see. I can often be found wasting too much time on Pinterest looking at new possible DIY projects to try. Seriously, how many glass jars do I need with tiny toys glued and painted to the tops? I’m an avid reader and once upon a time I was a blogger but just don’t have the time for that anymore. My time is limited lately and my TBR pile is suffering.

What inspired you to use spray paint as a medium to work with?

I’ve used different mediums before but never felt like they “clicked” with how I wanted my art to look. When I started stenciling, it coincided with spray paint and is an instant gratification way for me to see how a the stencil looks. I can control the pressure giving me different flow for the paint and a different look each time I use it.

You’re a reader, what are your favorite types of books to read? Any favorite authors?

Genres include PNR, UF and some Horror. I have too many favorites to list but I’ll mention Karina Halle, Stacia Kane, Jeaniene Frost and Karen Marie Moning to name a few.

When did you first connect your art with books?

My first book piece was the cover model on Sins & Needles by Karina Halle.


It was one of the first multiple layer pieces I did and I loved the results. It was around 7 plus the background and that many layers leaves room for error but it layered beautifully. I was hooked ever since. What makes a cover, or character, or really anything a good candidate to be turned into a stencil? A good candidate for me has to have a big personality. Something that makes me want to cut it to jump off the paper with a vivid story to tell. It’s a fun challenge deciding how many layers and what colors to use.

Do you listen to music while you are working? Does the genre/band change depending on what you are working on?

Most definitely. Music is a must for me and pumps up my motivation. I rotate a good variety but the Deftones are on frequent repeat. DJ Shadow, Radiohead, and Tricky are also some of my faves.

Any words of advice for people who might be starting out working with painting, or just entering the arts and crafts world? Have fun with it and don’t worry about “messing up”. It’s whatever you want to make of it and can be a very spontaneous process. Just try it and sample til you find your niche. Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Thanks Lori!

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It’s so cool seeing visual art, in conjunction with books. I think that’s why so many of us are cover snobs. Because our favorite medium isn’t visual, it’s a very internal thing. So we look for something to appeal to that part of us that wants and craves ‘pretty’. And to me Emily’s work just has that, “Oh my gosh! NEED!” Aspect too it.