Things that make you go hmmm…shifter style.

Ever read a book and go WTF? I find I do this a lot with shifter books. They mixed what with what? I had my first experience with this via the Anita Blake series as Laurel K. Hamilton introduced readers to all sorts of shifters. At first it was innocuous. She threw in a few big cats, but then there were rats and a crane – I was waiting for a flamingo. After that I stayed on the look-out for some crazy shifters in fiction.

Here are some wonderful examples of books with WTF shifter characters.

Spider Shifters

Crazies Shifter Books

The Kontra’s Menagerie series by Charlie Richards

Charlie Richards is already pushing the envelope with a m/m shifter romance, but why not introduce spider shifters? Find out more.

Unicorn Shifters

Oddest Shifter Books

Dark Horse, Lords of Shifters Series by Angela Carlie

This series is known for being “out the box” but it is taken to an all new level with the introduction of Unicorn Shifters. Puts a new spin on “he was a stallion in bed.” Find out more.

Octopus Shifters

Octopus Shifter Book

Eight Arms To Hold You (The Collector #4) by Ally Blue

Because two arms are just not enough. Find out more.


Passionate Ink (Pricked) by Jan Springer.

And then there is an Octoposeidon… find out more.

Cow Shifters

Weird Shifter novels

Loving Scarlett Scarlett Rose and the 7 Longhorns Series

How about a herd? Find out more.

Dinosaur Shifters

Odd shifters

Eternal Pleasure Gods of the Night series by Nina Bangs

I’ve heard a few good things about Nina Bangs – she must be pretty crafty if she can make dinosaurs sexy. Find out more.

Have you read any crazy shifter books lately? Please share.