What is the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge you might ask? Find out more here.

{Day 14} Blogging Wish List of 2014

My wish list for 2014. This is probably the hardest prompt. Can I just say, Peace on Earth and Good will to all Bloggerkind? Okay – fine. I wish this year will be full of new things and new people. I’m hoping to bring my blog to a new level. I’m hoping to finally get around to implementing all those bloggers that signed up to write for parajunkee.com and make this place into something a little more community oriented. I’m hoping to meet a ton of people at the cons I hope to attend. I hope to make a ton of connections with new authors. I hope to find some new series that I’ve never heard of before, both new books and old books. I hope to create some new and awesome things, that might not be that popular, but will have active participation and enthusiasm. On my wish list there will be a decline in author/blogger drama, our year shall be so great that they will rename this period in history – The Year of the Book Blogger. We shall take over the world together…what say you? Ya’ll with me?

Finally, I would like to do something like this often…did you guys enjoy it? I was thinking around every holiday maybe have a challenge, or just for something special. The next holiday is Valentine’s Day – what do you think of this:

Valentine's Book Blogger Challenge

Five days of posts, that will all be centered around Romance in books. I’ll post the challenge, with the list of prompts on February 7th if you would like to participate.