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{Day 12} How do I plan on getting more followers this year.

I am actually going to concentrate on getting followers via my email subscription list. I’m not going to promote bloglovin anymore, I want emails. So…as you can see there is a pink box on my sidebar. Hopefully it will entice people to signup to be on my email list. Is it enticing you? Other then that…I guess I just want to promote quality pieces that will have people coming back and wanting to keep up with me. I did a really crappy job with this blog in the last couple of months and my pageviews plummeted. I’m not even going to lie and didn’t say I wasn’t hurt. Not that I need pageviews, but just that it was a kick to my petunia letting me know that I was doing something wrong. So, I’ll really focus on my SEO, I’m going to visit other blogs more often and just make a concentrated event to step out of my comfort zone to meet new people.

Do you plan on increasing your reader base this year?