Book Blogging 101 – Blogging Tips for 2014

2014 Look at Blogging

Welcome to 2014 everyone! With a new year, most likely new goals will be set, on how you want your blogging career to progress. Whether you want to make things easier for yourself, or simply to make things go more smoothly, or if you are looking to take your blog to the next level, here are some quick tips for 2014.

  1. Get Organized
    If your goal is to get organized for 2014, you aren’t alone! Most bloggers report this as one of their top goals for 2014, including myself. Some quick tips on getting organized include:

    • Set up an Editorial Calendar. Use the Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress, or just implement Google Calendar if you are on another blogging platform. Just use it!
    • Blogging Diary – Keep a notebook handy and write down notes, ideas and reminders. Make sure it is only for blogging to separate it from your everyday life.
    • Spreadsheets – Keep logs of your ideas and features that you plan to use. Detailed spreadsheets of books to review, features to run and potential ideas. I use spreadsheets for all my features and memes. If I run memes with other people, like the weekly #FF we keep shared Google Docs.
  2. Fresh Start
    Some of you might be feeling the effects of blogger burnout, it might be a good time to start fresh this year! Some ways to bring back the verve include:

    • Go back to basics, dump your current program and create a new one. Have you only been posting reviews on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday? Switch it up and post two reviews, Tuesday & Friday. Try a new meme, stop doing memes. Sign-up for a new tour company and stop using your current one. Delete everything from your sidebars and start over again….
    • Change your design or switch CMS
    • Make a point to haunt new social networks and forums, step out of comfort zone and meet new friends. You don’t have to abandon your usual haunts, just check out some new spots.
  3. Looking Back
    One of the best ways to move forward is by examining the past. Look back on 2014 and see what worked and what didn’t. This just isn’t measured by pageviews. What did you have fun doing? What was a chore. Make a list of all the moments in blogging that you really enjoyed and the ones you didn’t care for. This way you’ll know where to focus and what to avoid.
  4. Get Motivated
    One of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to our blogs is ourselves. Lack of motivation can be disastrous. You remember how fun it was in the beginning? How excited we were to write our blog posts and comment back to the one person that left a comment on our reviews? To feel good about blogging it would be nice to get back in that frame-of-mind. Now, it is different for each person but getting motivated about your blog might be as simple as changing your routine, or starting fresh with some of the suggestions above. But some other tips and tricks to keep you on the right track include:

    • Don’t overdo it. Have you been working an 8 hour day and then coming home to sit at your computer for hours longer? Don’t! Exercise, or take a walk inbetween. Think about what you are going to write and make a plan while taking a walk around the block. You don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer to think up ideas.
    • Reward yourself. Have you reached a blogging milestone? Reward yourself with a manicure, or that cookie-dough ice cream you’ve been craving all week. But, if you do not reach your goal you have to have self-control and not allow yourself to give in and take the reward anyway.
    • Change is good. Reviews of books got you in a rut? Maybe step out of the box and write about other passions you have. You can bring it back to your niche with a few creative twists. Say, you have a passion for cooking. Share some recipes that remind you of certain books. Huckleberry Finn Pecan Pie, or Divergent Mashed Potatoes.
  5. Write Better
    You might say you are not a wanna-be author, but damn straight you are a writer. What do you think you are doing everyday? Writing. You are a blog writer. You are expected to be able to craft a well-thought out and grammatically correct post. Hone your writing craft.

    • Brush up on your grammar tips. I like to use Grammar Girl. I know I’m not perfect and neither are you! But, we can at least be presentable.
    • Spellcheck!
    • Try not write long drawn out paragraphs, most web-readers scan, make things simple and use headlines.
    • Look at what other people are doing. See a post you like and actually stick around to read? What did they do, why did you read the post? Maybe you can implement some of their techniques.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and their 2014 gives them everything they need. Happy Thursday everyone. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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