Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.

It is 2014 and time again to showcase a few books and their wonderful covers. This time it wasn’t just the disastrous covers that had me going…welcome to

Cover Junk: Dystopian Edition

This first one is titled 2085 and authored by Alejandro Volnié. View on Amazon.

Who needs 1984, how believable is that? In the past about the future! Bah! Update with 2085! This time Big Brother isn’t just watching from cameras – he is actually in your head. And since we are badly recreating a classic novel, we might as well try and badly recreate the cover. Not the first edition one of course…that would be too obvious. Maybe some later versions. Like this one. Or maybe this one.

Rip-off book of George Orwell's 1984

Now for the next one, the series is the same look repeated over and over again. The AUTHOR name monstrously huge, because of course it is more important then the book title, since we would buy this book because of name recognition. But, if that doesn’t lure you in, maybe the fact that he is selling pieces of his books for .99¢ – what I mean is – that this book is only 6 chapters of the first book. Oh, and a poem. Described in the synopsis as “This digital volume of “The STARLING Connection” is broken up into four parts of roughly equal length with shorter chapters to accommodate folks who are busy and/or traveling.” Isn’t that nice of the author? It is rather reassuring that in 30 years we’ll still be using the same type of caution tape…and bad typography. See the amazon version here.

Bad Covers

Tips on Creating a Great Book Cover

I would be remiss and a snarky a-hole if I offered criticism without suitable suggestions on how to remedy the situation. Here are some tips on creating a great book cover.

The Title is Key! – Make sure you have an original title and that it is easy to read and stands out. You don’t want people to be able to search your book and find only your book. Eye Catching Imagery – Use images that set the mood but are not literal interpretations of the book.
Inside Out

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Simplicity is not a bad thing! – You would be surprised at the amount of feeling you can convey with a simple image and use of the right typography. You don’t have to interpret your book literally, sometimes too much is a bad thing. High Resolution Imagery – Always use high-resolution images, even when designing for an eBook cover. And never use an image you find on the internet.


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Bad Cover DesignView on Amazon
Hire a Professional – No matter how trained you are in the fine-arts of graphic design, your cover design is best handled by a professional. Contrasting Colors – Try to use contrasting colors. Dark type on dark background is hard to read.

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Have you seen any bad cover designs lately?