Favorite Book Blogger Moment

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It was awhile ago. ALA New Orleans to be exact. I was ridiculously new to blogging, but because I had gathered up a good group of followers I thought I was hot shit. ALA was an eye-opener. I was most-likely one of those bloggers that the librarians hated on as I carted half a library around in cheap plastic bags.

One word: Overwhelming.

Parajunkee stalking Julie Kagawa

See – I was trying to keep it cool, stalkerish pictures…

I found myself at the Harlequin booth, in line to fangirl on Julie Kagawa. She had just published her second or third Iron Fey novel, which I adored. So, rolling up, all cool and relaxed as she signed book after book, I tried to stay calm. You know the routine, right? I was just holding up my ID tag with my name on it, trying not to be all chatty and scare her with my slight case of insanity….simple. “Love your books,” would suffice, I chanted in my head, focused so I wouldn’t go on this monotonous fangirl campaign and end in…”why can’t you write faster! I need to find out what happens!!!”

But, when I held up my badge to Julie, she was like, “Oh you are Parajunkee! I have your blog on my blogroll.” Which I didn’t know, so I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and went… “Uh…uh….uh. Thank you!”

I’m pretty sure she still thinks I’m a weirdo…well she probably actually never thinks about me, I mean she is Julie Kagawa – but it was the greatest book blogging moment of my career.

What was yours?? I so want to know.