Book Blogger Pet Peeves

What is the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge you might ask? Find out more here.


  1. Where is my review? The Emails.
    For Example:
    “I sent you the PDF of my book in an unsolicited review requests. I’ve heard nothing back from you and I’ve been checking your blog daily – and there has been no review. Where is it? Can you please review my book by next week?”
  2. Spoilers in Reviews – without a warning
  3. Judgey McJudgerstein Rant Posts
    For Example:
    Posts that say things like – “If you post like this, read like this, use this program, blog a certain way — YOU SUCK.”
  4. Blogger vs. Author / Author vs. Blogger Hate Posts
  5. Obvious drama posts – just there to drum up pageviews
  6. Blog Tours, Authors  & PR Companies that “sign-me-up” for their newsletters and email spam without consent
  7. Book Spam Campaigns.
    For Example:
    PR/Tour/Publishers that offer “unique content” posts that turn out to be the same thing on a million other blogs.
  8. Book Castings that only use CW actors & actresses
  9. Bloggers that post “free downloads” aka illegal downloads with their reviews
  10. A blog that goes silent without any goodbye (makes me sad)
  11. Blogger vs. Blogger crimes (plagiarism, copyright theft, idea thieves)
  12. Hey Follow Me – tweets.
  13. Hey Buy My Book – tweets.
  14. Random Requesters – This happens to me a lot more then I would like.
    For Example:
    “Hi my name is Sally, I don’t think we’ve ever talked, spoken, commented before…but I saw you have an ARC of the latest Kresley Cole book. (I watched your book haul vlog) Would you mind sending it to me after you are done reading it. I would appreciate it.”

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