PJV Quickie: If you are looking for a quick hot read, you can’t go wrong with a Harlequin Blaze book, they are always tightly written, quick romances, with great HEAs.  Author Tawny Weber’s UNIFORMLY HOT series are no different. Weber’s books are always sexy and romantic with just enough angst to get your heart pumping. There were a few issues, mainly originality, but A SEAL’S SALVATION was full of sexy-time, romance and small-town angst. Enjoy.

Review: Genna and Brody are the main characters of A SEAL’S SALVATION. The story is a typical one, a young, wrong side of the tracks boy, tempted by his best-friend’s little sister. When that temptation walks into his garage, with plans of seduction…things go downhill from there. Little sister’s daddy is the town sheriff and with a few threats he sends Brody packing, headed straight for the United States Navy. Ten years later Brody is a decorated war hero and going home for the first time. Genna is still stuck in her small-town, still bullied by her father, living where he says, doing the job that he tells her is “best.” When Brody comes home, Genna is finally ready to stray from “Daddy Knows Best.” What better way to move-along from Daddy’s overbearing life-plan? Reignite that one night of almost passion with Brody. There might be a problem though. Brody doesn’t consider himself a hero and he doesn’t even think he wants to go back to the SEALs, his life-change plays havoc with his self-confidence and his ability to love.

While I’ve read this basic story a few times before, the characters of this particular homeward bound soldier story was the key to its success. Genna was a great, innocent, but determined character. Brody was a sexy alpha, who had some great qualities and even better issues. They came together in a very real way, their relationship and their issues were real-world problems that were dealt with logically. Brody’s struggles with his recent mission, might have been slightly trivialized, but it worked for a short, hot romance.

Now, about that Romance. The first scene of the book opened up the hotness. Teenage Genna is set on seducing her crush, bad-boy Brody. It was fun and a bit sexy and then sad how it ended. But, when the characters reunite after ten years, it’s well-done and cute. Genna is kind of awkward, so their romance just felt real. It wasn’t one of these over-blown, swoon-over erotic stories, but just a charming, sexy story. They have issues almost from the beginning. Brody has war-related problems and Genna has daddy issues, so their falling-in-love is blocked from the beginning. It was fun and angsty to read and experience.

My basic issues came in light of the lack of originality. I’ve read this type of story before, especially recently, as military romances seem to have gained popularity. Not that it ever went out of style, I’m just seeing a bit more on the mainstream popular lists lately. Then there were a few bits of silly behavior by the characters that I thought were there to just advance the angst. Brody taking a position as a bartender, instead of going back into the SEALs, almost like he wanted to ruin himself. This act perpetuated the issues he was dealing with, but it was almost like the epitome of a downward spiral, and because it was so extreme it trivialized things. Nothing terribly detracting though, from the story. I enjoyed this story thoroughly and hope to read more from Tawny Weber.

Recommendations: This is recommended for adult readers who enjoy contemporary romance.  Readers of authors such as Sylvia Day, Susan Mallery and Laura Kaye should enjoy.

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