book blogger challenge

What is the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge you might ask? Find out more here.



Book Blogging Pros

Not listed in any particular order….

[list icon=”icon: smile-o”]
  • Connect with bookish people
  • Spread the love of my favorite books
  • More exposure for my design brand
  • Connect with Authors
  • Connect with other Readers
  • Access to favorite books quicker
  • Access to ARCs and early release copies
  • Flexing my writing muscle…
  • Become famous and take over the world…eventually
  • Big bucks with my affiliate cash (joke!)
  • Keep informed about bookish events and fun things
  • Learn about great books for similar readers
  • Justification of time spent on computer
  • Justification of book hoarding
  • Justification of not having to talk to real people (I’m reading!)
  • Free books!
  • Other people actually get my vampire and werewolf obsession
  • I get to write stuff and people comment and say it’s awesome…
  • Access to publishers and learn about the publishing industry

Book Blogging Cons

Not listed in any particular order….

[list icon=”icon: frown-o”]
  • Drama Drama Drama
  • Reading can become a chore
  • Pressure to post
  • Pressure to deliver quality content
  • Hours spent online
  • Headaches of troubleshooting CMS programs
  • Hackers
  • Google
  • Judgey Judgerpants, always critiquing everything I do…
  • The TBR pile

I’m sure you have your own Pros & Cons list…let us have it!