PJV Quickie: The Lie Spinners was a fantastic sequel that has stuck with me. I read it several weeks ago and I still want to read more! The plot is fast moving, full of twists and turns, and there were some epic close calls and scary moments to boot. The ending left me waiting eagerly for the next book. Which needs to come out, like, right NOW!

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I want to hug this book. I want to hug it so badly, but hugging a kindle is kind of awkward, on account of my flabby arms, and its lack of girth. It’s like I’m hugging myself. Which is not a bad thing, until your family walks in and thinks your a complete weirdo for giving yourself affection. Alone. Whatever. The book was huggable, and totally awesome. It’s a book that I will gladly read again, and I will make the time to re-read the series before the final books comes out.

The Lie Spinners picks up right where we left Raven, Linnie, and Stephen in the Deception Dance.Raven is still living with her curse form Andras. But not in the way you would think. Her guardians and trainers believe that her incapable of not falling in love with any man that crosses her path. They don’t realize that the one that she has the most potential with is avoiding her, well not so much avoiding as missing in action.  Stephen is somewhere in Thailand. Once Raven finds out he is missing nothing stands her way from going to get him. Once she finds him she realizes that it’s going to be harder to not only get them both home alive, and not in love than she originally thought. The final culmination of the book is a huge cliffhanger. But not really, because that can’t be the end. It really, really can’t.

Raven is still the dark girl. Insecure, scared, tough, sarcastic, and strong. I love reading her. She’s who I would want to be in her situation. She doesn’t let anyone stand in her way, and she does everything with a sort of wry sense of humor. She knows that she is more or less doomed, but she still wants to live her life.

Stradling writes an amazing sequel. I was hooked from the get go and couldn’t put it down. So much new information was given, but I still want to read the next book in the series. There was a lot of emotional punch packed into the book.

All the characters in this book for the major to the minor are so quirky and unique. I love them. Stephen is so swoon worthy. Andras is so gross. Linnie is just adorable. 

The writing was great, I don’t think I recall any typos. But I wasn’t looking for them either. I was just lost in the story. Overall I highly recommend The Deception Dance and the Lie Spinners. Thank you so much Rita for letting me read this book.