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I’m going to use the word “rebranded” try not to flinch. But, yes…after almost five years, I’ve given the little PJ skull a new look and with it a new blog design. The design operates within the style called Flat Design. The Flat Design technique is a new trend that is being implemented by a lot of sites because it uses simple techniques for easy viewing on mobile devices and offers quicker download speeds.

iconThe image files are smaller because they don’t have to render shadows and gradients, not to mention the simple transitions and colors used within the CSS also make for quicker downloads. has had a plethora of crazy looks…but this is the first time I’ve tried to emulate a style of design and designed this way because of productivity and not because it just looks cool. Who knows, it might change again soon…for right now I kind of like it and it seems to be loading a lot quicker. If you guys notice any problems, just let me know.  The theme behind the design is twitter_iconcalled Divi by ElegantThemes and it seems pretty stable. Other then that, what do you think of the design?