Day 1: My Blogger Resolutions

Happy New Year’s my fellow bloggers & readers & just straight up awesome people. Today is the first day of the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge and here are my New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Work on my Content.

I let my content slip BIG time in 2013. Granted 2013 was the year of a series of unfortunate events, so I am giving myself a bit of leeway. I’m also hoping to introduce a few new reviewers for the team, to make this a bigger joint adventure.

2. Network

I’ve also been slacking on getting out there and meeting new bloggers. I used to make a point of doing this all the time, but I’ve let things slip lately. Not anymore, New Year’s resolution…get out there and make new friends!

3. Get Creative

I’m always trying to push the envelope and do things a little bit differently. It is very easy to just follow a set path of what others have done before me, but I’m going to try and make it a point of introducing new types of things that haven’t been done before.

4. Challenge the Blogging Parts

I want to expand the Blogging Tips section of my repertoire, so I’m challenging myself to make things even more exciting in that arena. Not just tips, but more things like this Challenge.

Rachel Rivera

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