PJV Quickie: How to Run with a Naked Werewolf continues my Molly Harper winning streak.  Her mix of fun, snark, and romance never fails to keep me entertained and How to Run with a Naked Werewolf delivers.  In a book rut? Looking for something to read that will catch and keep your attention?  Give this one a try.


Anna Moder is not doing what she was trained to do.  As a grocery cashier, her years of schooling are going unused.   It’s hard to find a job though, that doesn’t require ID or documentation.  She had to leave her last position as pack doctor (from Maggie’s pack  in Book 2, How to Seduce a Naked Werewolf) unexpectedly, and so for now, cashier it is. When she stumbles across an altercation in a parking lot late at night, she steps in to help the gunshot victim, and discovers there’s more to him than meets the eye.  When she finds out he’s a bounty hunter, her first instinct is to run.  When she discovers he’s Maggie’s cousin, things become even more complicated.

Caleb Graham is a bounty hunter, a very good one.  Partly because he’s a werewolf, his “extra” abilities make him good at what he does.  He lives his life moving from job to job, taking them when the fee is right.  When he gets shot in the parking lot and wakes up with a beautiful woman at his side, he knows she’s the one he could settle down with. The question is, how to make this skittish woman accept that she’s his?


Ohhhh – this story was so good…  Molly Harper really has an ability to write characters that you wish you were BFFs with, and Anna and Caleb are no exception.  Anna’s secret is a big one; her life could be in danger.  Caleb’s natural curiosity and Anna’s closed-off persona are at such odds with each other, it’s fun to watch them butt heads over and over, all the while fighting the growing attraction between them.  The chemistry between these two is well-paced and has just the right amount of heat, even while the secrets they’re keeping from each other is keeping the flames from growing too hot.

Ms. Harper’s signature snark is present in her characters, and gave me several good laughs while reading.  When things came to a head (as they are wont to do), Anna’s tendency to run was heartwrenching, as was Caleb’s response, but it had to happen for them to each accept a future together.  Their HEA was sigh-worthy (and as a bonus we got a cameo from one of Harper’s ‘Nice Girls Don’t’ books!).  The ending had me wanting to stand up and cheer “Hell yeah!”; always a sure sign of a great read 🙂

Fans of Paranormal Romance, werewolf stories, and snarky, sexy goodness will enjoy How to Run with a Naked Werewolf.  It can definitely be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend the whole series because they’re all fun reads.

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