These are the best books to read for Christmas, or at least the ones I like to have read or read to me for Christmas. These are mainly great books to read to your kids, the books I loved to have read to me…but some are fun Christmas stories that I loved as an adult.

Best Christmas Books

The Cajun Night Before Christmas is a classic in my household. My dad used to read this to us in his best Cajun Accent. It made my Christmas Night….

This Cajun Christmas classic is in full-color. Take the traditional story of jolly old St. Nicholas, dress him in muskrat from his head to his toes, pile his skiff high with toys, and hitch it to 8 friendly flying alligators.

Best Christmas BooksEveryone knows about The Grinch. It is a classic! Try out the Audiobook for a fun listen with the munchkins.

The Best Christmas Book EverThe Lion, The Witch And The Wardrob by C.S. Lewis. Another classic. Reading or watching the movie is a must during the Christmas season.

Christmas Books

The book is so much better then the movie(s).

Best Christmas books

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Felicia Bond is a very cute “new” Christmas tradition that we’ve started with my daughter. She loves this book and we enjoy reading it to her.

A Funn Christmas Story

And finally, a FUNNY FUNNY Christmas story to read and enjoy. Christopher Moore’s THE STUPIDEST ANGEL is an epic comic story that will leave you horrified but laughing your holiday butt off.