Bringing it back….

I stepped back from hosting challenges in 2013 and it was a big mistake. So, I’m bringing them all back. Including the SHIFTER CHALLENGE, which was one of my favorites. This is the official sign-up post for the Shifter Challenge 2014.  Join me today in the Shifter Challenge, where we celebrate those fantastically furred peeps that are quite normal except for the fact that they spend a good bit of their lives on four legs.

The Shifter Challenge 2014 hosted by Parajunkee

  1. The Shifter Challenge runs from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014
  2. The challenge is to read 10 books that have a SHIFTER as a main, or supporting character
  3. Books can be in any format and should be at least 100 pages. Short stories do not count. You can also post about rereads.
  4. Post about this challenge on your blog stating that you are participating or create a shelf via Goodreads, Booklikes etc. That post or shelf is the link that you will include in the link-up below. The link should be the post link not just your direct blog link. Please be courteous and include a link back to this post.
  5. Post your reviews on the Review Post: Click here to log your reviews!

Shifter Challenge 2014 hosted by Parajunkee


Q:  Can I read more than 10?
A: You can read as many as you want.

Q: Do I have to have a blog?
A: No, you don’t have to. If you would like to sign up using an online profile go ahead and do that, just post in the comments section the books you’ve read.

Q: Do I have to know what books I’m going to read ahead of time?
A: No you do not. Pick them as you go, or have them all mapped out, it is up to you.

Q: Do I have to stick to a particular genre?
A: Nope, as long as it has a SHIFTER as a main character.

Q: If the book is about vampires, but their is a werebat or werecat in it does that count?
A: The shifter needs to be a main character. If there is a slight reference to a shifter in the novel that doesn’t count. But if there are shifters as one of the main themes in the novel, you are in!

Q: Does it matter what kind of shifter the character is, do WereSnakes count? How about Snowman shifters?
A: Any shifter you want, all cool. Now lets get this straight, for definitive purposes, we are defining a shifter as a human that changes into an animal, or an animal that turns into a human. Hence shifter = shifts from one form to the other. The other form being animal.

Q: Can I join up whenever I feel like it?
A: If you thought you could do it, you could join up in December 2014…no restrictions

Q: Will their be monetary compensation for those that complete the challenge.
A: Nope, just the undeniable glory of having completed a shifter milestone.