I know as a Book Blogger I’m always looking at ways to spice up my posts. I’m never satisfied either, which is why it is always changing. A quick and easy way to set your blog a part from others is to have customized graphics for your blog. But — not all of us can afford to hire a designer to create these for them. So, talk a designer into making free ones, is the next best thing. So, Merry Christmas everyone – here are a few gifts for you guys.


These are free book blogger graphics, created for use on a dark background. Enjoy!



These are free book blogger graphics, created for use on a light background. Enjoy!


socialThese are free social icon graphics, created for use on a light or dark background. Enjoy!

Free Social Icon Images

How to add Social Icons to your blog:

Step 1: You need to host these social icons, on your blog, or on a image hosting site like Flickr. One you do that get the url of the photo. For example, I’ve hosted the RSS icon on MY flickr account:


Step 2: Now you have to do a little bit of HTML, it is pretty easy. Here is the code:
<img src=”https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7351/11452955435_2e53f495f5_o.png” alt=”RSS” />

Place the image link within the quotes.

Step 3: Now we have to wrap that code in a link code. If you are familiar with HTML, this will be cake, but if not. Remember that you have to put code in front and behind the “thing” you want to link. If it was text you would have the text in the middle of the link code, for an image – you place the above code in the middle of the LINK code.

The coding looks like this:

<a href=”YOUR LINK HERE“><img src=”https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7351/11452955435_2e53f495f5_o.png” alt=”RSS” /></a>


Step 4: Place your RSS feed link in the area that I marked YOUR LINK HERE.

Step 5: Do this for each of the images you want linked. Place your code in an HTML widget or gadget.

Quick Tip:

Try uploading your images to Blogger or WordPress and use their handy WYSWYG editors to place links on the images, left align, etc. Got into Edit HTML or Text area and copy the code and place in a widget or gadget.