Today’s Dishing Junk features the craziest holiday books available on Amazon…I just had to share. Some are sexy, but in that way it makes you feel really uncomfortable. Some are just really creepy and some are just downright WRONG.

First, lets start with the or wannabe Sexy.

Silyl Christmas Books

Well they do look like they are having fun….

Bizarre Christmas NovelsCatchy title – gotta give them that. But I’m really not down with the Photoshopped head on the woman’s body. But nice addition of that wine glass at least the angle of that is right…

Now for the VERY uncomfortable…

Bizarre Christmas NovelsYeah…I’m….uh….MOMMY!

Bizarre Holiday Novels

Stop looking at me like that…and what are you doing in that tree?


I don’t believe I have to say much about this…

Now for the FREAKY

Bizarre Holiday Novels

Yes. This is what I look like when I’m experiencing “cramp-us” – but I would never deign to call myself a Yule Lord.

Bizarre, horrific holiday novels

This is just wrong on soooo many levels.

And now for the just straight up AWKWARD.

Bizarre Holiday books

Hey, Hey! Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is!


and finally…

Awkward Holiday Tales

Which one is your favorite???