PJV Quickie: The second book in Lisa McMann’s VISION series was a very good follow-up. McMann kept the suspense and thrilling momentum going through the entire novel, just like she did throughout the first novel. In fact it was probably more traumatic then the first novel, upping the intensity with more character involvement and an even more tragic “event.” If you haven’t read this series, you are missing out!

Review: Lisa McMann is a POWERHOUSE. I have not read a single book written by McMann that I didn’t love. Each one is different, each one is intelligent and captivating. You can’t go wrong with one of her books and her Visions series is no different. BANG is the second book in the series and picks up right where CRASH left off. Sawyer, the love interest from the first novel seems to have “caught” Jule’s affliction and now he is seeing visions. This was a topic of worry for me, I didn’t know if McMann would switch POVs at first, but she continued with Jules POV and Sawyers periodically – something I thought was risky. But, she did it. She did it really well. The book explores Sawyer’s vision, with Jules applying things she learned from her own vision to his current one. This made the novel transition a little faster then Jule’s story, because she’s figured out a few things which stumped her in the first novel. This really did make the novel fuller, making myself, the reader able to treat the novel as a mystery and not as a paranormal type story. McMann went from clue to clue as the tried to figure out Sawyer’s vision. It made things really interesting, until the final culmination which left me wanting more and more.

The characters were wonderful also, McMann spent more time introducing Jule’s siblings and went into even more detail with her parents. I did not like her parents what-so-ever, which seems to be a common thing in Young Adult novels. I will let it go in this one though, because I have a feeling it will play into the final theme of the series.

The plot – outstanding. I found no holes or slips. McMann didn’t use tricks or tropes to misdirect. She runs a tight ship. You gotta love that.

The narration by Joy Osmanski was good, she isn’t one of my favorite narrators, I’ve also heard her read THE PROGRAM and LIFE’S A WITCH and she does the teen POV really well, she just doesn’t carry the other characters as good as some other narrators. Her dialogue tends to sound very similar. But, she isn’t one of those narrators that wills top me from actually purchasing the audiobook, her narration is competent. But, with a great book, you want great narration also.

Recommendations: Fans of Lisa McMann you need to read this. Contemporary YA readers and Paranormal fans, this is a great book for you. The paranormal element is very light, so it might be the perfect novel to get your feet wet if you want to try a bit of Fantasy/Paranormal type themes. There is nothing in the books for a parent to look out for. The books are well-written and topics that are controversial are covered in a moral and logical way. There are violent scenes and the vision is of a school shooting, spurned by a very controversial topic that is popular in today’s culture. I don’t want to give it away, though. It was great and I would let my teenage daughter read it, but I’m sure there is someone out there that it offends.