PJV Quickie: If you are looking for a really fluffy and quick read well then look no further! Switched by Cassie Mae is a new adult romance that tells an unrequited love story in a unique way and has a crazy twist ending.


Switched by Cassie Mae has a plot most people have probably read before girl is in love with best friend’s boyfriend. Kayla being the girl in love with her best friend Reagan’s boyfriend Talon; side note the name Talon just felt so miss placed in this novel I expected him to become a paranormal creature with the name Talon. But what makes Switched really more exciting is the fact that Wesley, Talon’s best friend, is in love with Reagan. So for all you love triangle haters this is a love square so I hope that makes it okay.  I read this book in one day and simply couldn’t put it down which says a lot.

I really loved Cassie Mae’s writing, Kayla’s inner dialogue and journal entries are hysterical. The way she thought was so very different from the way she acted and it reminded me so much of myself, my one liners sound epic in my head but they never translate well when I say them. Kayla and Wesley together were just very funny characters and I shipped them hard core from the beginning of the novel. I despised Reagan with a sick  passion though. She is that girl that is so obnoxious that in real life I don’t think I could stand to be in the same room. She just never seemed like a good friend and even though she semi redeems herself by the end of the novel I still can’t fathom as to why Kayla was friends with her. Not that this is any way against the author but it is just Reagan’s personality she is just way too pushy. Talon the guy that Kayla is in love with is kind of flat, though he did have his few swoon worthy moments I just am meh about him. I wish that he stood out more as an  OMG HE IS AMAZING character but he didn’t. But he did grow on me as a character but I was just never wowed.

Wesley though, was the ultimate New Adult swoony guy. Wesley is witty, a bit of badass , a musician, a hard worker, and really sweet.  I don’t want to spoil the major twist ending but I can say is that I am happy with the romance and ending but I am just not a fan of how it happened. I just felt like it was way too easy and if the book stayed on the track it was going on with out the major plot twist it would have been better. Life is not that simple. (It may just be because I hated Reagan)

Overall Switched is a really fast read that will have you saying AWW in numerous chapters. It isn’t the most original plot line but it is extremely addictive. The plot twist was my least favorite part of the book but it still ended in a way that I REALLY liked. But the conflict resolved is such an uncomplicated way that made the whole book lead up to an easy ending. If you’re a fan of Cora Cormack and Abbi Glines wanting a really fun light read with good romance then Switched is the book for you.

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