Book Blogging 101 Tutorial: Quick Tips to a Successful Blog

Maintaining a successful blog is sometimes a very daunting experience. There is always work to be done, connections to be made, posts to be written. Here you can find a few quickie tips on how to keep your blog moving in a positive direction.

011. Check out the Competition

Emulate and avoid. Follow your favorite bloggers and your not so favorite bloggers. Keep an eye on what they do that you really think is a good idea, but also pay attention to things they do that you don’t like. Don’t copycat, but use what you learn from their sites to implement on your own. This isn’t about idea grabbing, this is about methodology. If they are posting everyday and it is working for them, maybe it is time for you to post everyday. If they participate in a certain meme and get a ton of comments, maybe try participating in that meme also. For the not so favorite, ask yourself what don’t you like about them? Is it because of them as a person? Or is it because of their design? The fact that they post a certain way? Identifying your likes and dislikes is a big step in tailoring the perfect blog.

2. Keep track of your Goals

Write out your goals periodically, keep a runningĀ  list and a set of achievable goals and “ultimate goals.” Every time you check off one as accomplished you should feel awesome. They can be something as simple as get 100 followers via email subscriptions or as large as meet Suzanne Collins in real life..

3. Join a Community

You want to be where the other cool people are, correct? Well find those online communities and petition for membership. Post in the forums, chat it up. Don’t spam!

Quick Tips for a Successful Blog

4. Keep Notes

Journaling is considered cathartic and a good practice for writers and managers. Keep a notebook at your side, jot down ideas, review notes, just your thoughts and dreams. It is a good way to keep those creative juices flowing. A good blogger is a creative blogger.

5. Record Yourself

Ever wonder why journalists keep those mini-recorders with them in all the movies? It’s not just to record witness statements or source quotes. They also use them to store their ideas. Writers also use this technique to lay out entire scenes or plot their novels. With the latest advances in phone technology, most everyone has a record function on their phone. If you don’t have a pen and paper hand, record your ideas or thoughts on your current blog post via your phone.

6. Respond to your Comments

They took the time to comment, you should take the time to respond back. I know sometimes things get impossible, but you should make it a good blogging practice to respond.

Quick Tips to Successful Blogging7. Reward your Commenters

If you have someone that comments regularly, make sure to seek out this person online, on their own blog and check things out. Say hi back.

8. Make Friends

Get a blogging BFF or a few BFFs, make sure to read their blog regularly. Also, make sure that their content challenges you… This way the relationship is rewarding for both of you, you or they are not intimidated by the relationship. It is good to have mentors, it is good to have proteges, but make sure your BFFs are on the same level. Also make sure they are someone that you can bounce ideas off, without having to worry that they will take those ideas. Trust is key to any friendship.

9. Use Attention Grabbing Images

You want to keep people reading and using great images is a way to do this. On the other hand a lot of bloggers use animated gifs, which can have the opposite effect. Readers will look at the gifs alone and not read the content.

Quick Blogging Tips10. Link to Other Bloggers

Find content that is related to your post and link it at the bottom. A lot of reviews will have other reviews posted at the bottom, from other bloggers. This is also a good blogging practice. A link back is like a compliment to another blogger and the next time they just might link back to you.

11. Use Social Media

Always post on social media. Make sure you send out your link on all the major social media outlets.

12. Guest Post on other Blogs

A great way to get exposure is to seek out other like-minded blogs and ask if you can guest post. This is like an advertisement for your own blog. You don’t even have to stick to your own niche. Reach out to other communities that might want a different type of post.

1313. Have a Great Blog Design

You only have one time to make a first impression and if you look sloppy and disorganized, or a generic copy of everyone else, you might fall the way of countless others…into the see of forgotten. Who wants to swim in those waters?? The quickest way to make a first PAWOW impression is with great design. It doesn’t have to be some expensive template either, it just has to look good, look different and be easily traversed.

Hope these tips help. Happy Thursday Everyone! Stay safe. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity. Have a question? Ask it here.