PJV Quickie: K.A. Tucker’s third book in her TEN TINY BREATH’S series, titled FOUR SECONDS TO LOSE was a good listen and a competent book. A lot of other bloggers have expressed great love for these books, but I personally found them enjoyable but nothing to get all excited about. The characters were good, but not believable because some of the plot points were used to extenuate the tension instead of coming to a logical conclusion. I did enjoy the narration though, Elizabeth Louise and Sebastian York were perfect, their narration was sexy and entertaining.

Review: The hero is a moral strip-club owner, the heroine is a young girl just looking to make some cash to escape her abusive step-father. The two of them come together when Charlie walks into Cain’s strip-club looking to make a buck. Charlie had learned how to strip by taking a pole-dancing class and she quickly shows off her moves to the stoic club-owner who usually makes it a point to not dally with his employees. He just can’t help himself with Charlie though…even though he knows she has issues and is lying to him.

In the novel, you quickly realize that both characters are not what they first appear to be. Cain is this moralistic character that believes he has to own this strip club so he can rescue the strippers. But, he does things his way, not following any laws that he feels are unnecessary, even though he is close friends with a DEA agent. Then there is Charlie, whom is dealing drugs for her step-father. Her step-father claims he loves her, but he is constantly threatening her life and sends her into these very dangerous drug-deals in a city all by herself.

This was one of those books that it was obvious the hero/heroine needed to find outside help, because what they were doing wasn’t going to have a positive outcome. Especially with the constant introduction of the DEA agent friend, whom Charlie attended parties with. It was almost silly at times, with a naive portrayal of a crime boss, stereotypical drug dealers and the hooker with the heart of gold theme. The crime-boss, stepdad was the most unbelievable aspect of the novel though. Like someone that was dealing this much heroine would act in this fashion? Sending his step-daughter by herself to make large transactions of drugs and money. And then this girl, who is handling hundreds of thousands of dollars, would deposit that for her step-dad and then go strip for a couple thousand so she could save up enough money to HIDE from her stepdad. Okay. We have to think about this plan a little bit more because it just didn’t make much sense to me. It made perfect sense of course, in the fact that it stretched out the tension and kept the couple apart for a well-timed romance.

But the romance was sexy.

Cain and Charlie came together in a cute and sexy way, even though Cain was rather over-bearing at times. Some of these alphas get rather stalkerish at moments which is annoying.

Overall it was one of those romances that was heavy on the character’s coming together with a plot that was only there to enhance teh romance. Which is really cheating in my estimation. You can’t create a good story with a plot designed just to keep the couple from getting their happily-ever-after. You need a plot that makes sense and stands with the romance. The book was sexy but senseless. Entertaining, just don’t think about it too hard. I would like to read more of K.A. Tucker’s books though, mainly because of the sexy.

Recommendations: For adults only, this is a New Adult title and has some sexy-time not appropriate for teen readers. Fans of authors like Colleen Hoover and Abbi Glines should enjoy.