The story follows Kit from being a Falin fighter to being a reluctant but powerful resistance fighter. She’s not reluctant for selfish reasons either. She just doesn’t know if she can cope with the emotions of being a killer, and keep her new found family safe. 
The plot twists and turns and never left me bored. It had bits of romance, tons of action, and lots of FEELS. So many FEELS. If you like kickassery, badass babes, and dystopians than Halo is for you!!!

Kit is a great lead character. She has a lot of character growth. She is completely unrelatable, but at the same time I don’t know anyone that would want to relate to her. She is tough, in ways that I have never seen before. I love what Frankie did. She started with a clean slate and just painted her character lots of colors. Then she drug her through the mud, dried her off, and said ‘look at my pretty!’

Ry is just swoon. I can’t even form sentences when comes to him. He is everything you want in your lead. Tough, handsome, kind of a smart-ass. He has a lot of great oneliners. But he’s not just a one hit wonder. Frankie infused him with depth. He’s not some douche parading around as the love interest. He’s totally real.

Well, we’re friends. In that weird way where you’re eternally mad at me, and I’m eternally imagining what you look like naked.

Ry’s sister Olivia is often the heart of the story, along with his grandfather Jack. Both Ryka and Kit have a habit of putting on the tough act. But both Olivia and Jack show love to them again and again. It’s really hearbreaking at times. The ending is full of twists. It’s not a cliffhanger in the sense that the story just stops. There is a completed arc here, but you know there is more to tell. You WANT more!

I love the action sequences. Often times when “little girls” beat up on guys I kind of snort, but Frankie convinces me that Kit knows what she is doing. She shows Kit doing it, it’s not just descriptions.

The romance aspect is a huge very plus for me. I love a bit of romance in my books. It’s there, but it’s not the sole focus of the book, and it doesn’t knock the story off track. It’s very much a forward moving book, very tight, and wonderful.

Dead. I am dead. I loved this book so completely that I want it to mate with all of my favorite books and produce awesome dystopian book babies until eternity. 
I hope the next installment is well on its way. I might have to start bugging Frankie if it’s not!



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