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you’re getting Romance on a Tuesday!)

PJV Quickie: The Fiery Heart is a Must-Not-Miss for fans of this series!  This  is easily my favorite book in the series to date; I might even be enjoying Adrian and Sydney more than Rose and Dimitri!!

Sydney Sage is an Alchemist working with the Moroi (vampires), trying to keep the sister of the current queen safe and hidden from other Moroi who want to kill her.  She’s hiding in Palm Springs, and Sydney’s younger sister has come to “apprentice” – she’s young and new and very, very by-the-book, which means Sydney is making a lot of excuses to find time to sneak away and meet with Adrian (vampire/alchemist relationships are forbidden), assist the Moroi as part of her alchemist duties, work on her spells (also taboo for the alchemists), and continue her promise to try to help rogue alchemist Marcus Finch.

Adrian is battling his own demons – does he do what he needs to do to keep himself sane and his demons at rest, or sacrifice his sanity for the knowledge he can give the Moroi?  He is trying to help Sydney as much as he can, but it doesn’t feel like enough. How long can they keep their relationship a secret?  And how long can he continue to work with the Moroi before his “setbacks” become too much for Sydney to handle?


I have to be honest – while I loved the book, I hate the cover. Adrian looks like he’s aged 2o years and Sydney’s over-processed hair made me cringe.  Cover aside though – OMG I couldn’t put The Fiery Heart down!

Sydney and Adrian have both grown and evolved into really special characters.  Sydney is struggling to do what she thinks is right even though it goes against everything she’s been indoctrinated by the Alchemists to believe – to the extent that she’s actively working against them.  She’s got a lot on her plate in The Fiery Heart, and when family drama is thrown into the mix she still manages to keep her cool and keep her eye on the prize.

The Fiery Heart is told in both Sydney and Adrian’s point of view and I loved it.  Adrian is such an awesome hero – he’s struggling to be a better person and the things he does for Sydney are pretty significant.  I have loved him throughout this series and he just keeps getting better.  Based on the way The Fiery Heart ended, and the blurb for the next book, Silver Shadows, I think Adrian is going to have a tough road ahead of him.  Judging by his actions in The Fiery Heart though, I know he can overcome whatever is thrown in his path.

The multiple storylines for The Fiery Heart make for a really, really good read, but Sydney and Adrian’s romance takes it up a notch to great.  And the ending – THE ENDING!!!! I hate cliffies and I NEED to know what happens next!!!  Oh, Ms. Mead, how you play with my emotions… The Fiery Heart had me completely involved and immersed in the story.

Recommendations: I would not recommend The Fiery Heart as a stand-alone.  I think you can start with the first book in the series, although I enthusiastically recommend starting with the Vampire Academy series and then the Bloodlines series – trust me, you won’t be sorry.

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