Undead LA 1 follows the lives of several different LA locals as they witness the z-poc and it’s aftermath. Each story is unique and gives the reader a complete picture of what happened. Devan’s writing has really grown since his first release: Rise of the Horde (Zombie Attack! #1), which by the ways is an awesome zombie read too. His writing is grittier. I don’t know if it was the vignette style of the book, or it being a bit noir in places, it’s just very, very, tough. I loved it. The writing really hooked me. But I wasn’t sunk until I got to my favorite of all the stories, it’s the second story in the vol. and by far the one that I connected to and loved the most. This story follows detective Gary Windell as he hunts for a serial killer, only to have the man get away. When the zombies rise, Gary decides that he should search out Randy the serial and bring him to justice. It’s a heart breaking, graphic, and violent story. The gore is galore, the writing is fast, and it’s deep. The gross factor is here too, but it doesn’t feel too much, and done for shock purposes. Every event feels real to the story. The characters are what drives these stories. There isn’t a lot of interaction in some of the stories. Yet it doesn’t feel isolated or over explained. It feels like you are in their heads living these events with them. It’s a very cool reading experience. The flashbacks, the exposition, it all drives the stories forward. I really felt like I got to know them and experience these things with them. When Devan describes something it’s very real. Especially when it comes to violence and survival. Their struggles seem very legit. Each vignette and character brought something new to the book. It wasn’t just a zombie book. It showed us that people aren’t always the greatest, but they may not deserve to die, and sometimes the wrong people get to live. It’s a very real, very human book. Donny trying to not connect with his moms new boyfriend, Edgar the cheating airline pilot who thinks of his wife in his final moments. Kathleen and her triumphs and life as she watches people eat her favorite celebs. Pilar, and her food truck success, and Yermo protecting his turf. It’s like real life nightmares. There is literally something for everyone in this book. I highly recommend it for zombie and horror fans. lori2