When I download a FREEBIE for my Kindle, after reading I always ask myself – deal or duped?

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #1 is a Deal – Get it Free on Amazon

PJV Quickie: While a  mediocre read,  AURORA SKY was entertaining because of the characters. It failed within the plot though and the and writing skills were much to be desired. Don’t get me wrong, AURORA SKY was a great Freebie grab, but I probably would have been much harsher in my views toward it if I would have paid full price.

Review: We are quickly plummeted into the world of Aurora Sky as she travels the psyche crushing halls, of where else? High School. Aurora is a senior, bent on one goal, getting the hell out of Alaska. Her home life is tolerable at best, her school life the same. She is shy, her only friend is jealous of her high test scores, so barely speaks to her, any boy interaction comes from taunts via an over-sexed goth during physical education. Aurora figures everything will change the moment she leaves Alaska for college, unfortunately change comes early, when she gets in a head on collision and almost dies. The only reason she lives, her blood. Her rare blood type allows for the government to make her into a walking, talking lab rat, pumping her full of viruses, in order to make her deadly to vampires and a natural hunter of the demons that suck the life out of humans.

An a-typical premise, high school girl, becomes an unwitting government pawn and new member of the paranormal community. The boy she is hot over – the one that was sexing all over the goth bombshell – suddenly is attracted to her and wants to make her his next “bite.” But, of course he is a different kind of vampire then the one she hunts on a daily basis. The characters made this novel a good read though, Aurora was a great character – and if it wasn’t for her portrayal and personality, this novel would have been a complete flop. Jefford can tell a story, her characters are engaging and her pacing is perfect. She just has to work on her technical skills a bit, she has to craft her sentences a little bit better, adopt a more descriptive technique instead of the telling recitation that was implemented a lot within this novel. The descriptions were dry and they lacked emotional connection and personal touches:

“I zipped up my jacket a minute later and headed for the student parking lot alone. The moisture on my lashes froze as soon as I stepped outside. Exhaust from idling cars hovered in the stagnant air. Not only was this time of year cold and dark, it turned my stomach inside out.”

But, while the descriptions were dry at times, the dialogue and quips were very entertaining – cute and fun to read.

“I saw the boy’s face. I read his lips. ‘Oh, shit.’
We said the words together.
In the event of a catastrophe, one thing is sure. Your life ends on a curse.”

There were also a lot of plot holes that weren’t resolved or left up in the air that didn’t sit well with me. There was also not a lot of reaction to the paranormal reveal, which I thought implausible. The agents would state that they were the in the business of “Identification and elimination of demonic forces” and Aurora would be like, do I get to go to college? Not to mention they had times when the first person POV didn’t work within the telling, the protagonist was unconscious but the story is still going along.

Combine those with the okay writing and you have an okay read, that is great for a Freebie and it kept me entertained, it just didn’t BLOW ME AWAY. I will be reading on in the series, so guess what? It did it’s job.

Recommendations: This is a mature young adult novel, or more appropriately, New Adult. There is a very lack-luster romantic scene that leads to the loss of Aurora’s V-card, more for effect then to entice titillation. If I were to compare it to other novels, I would say this novel is the young/new adult version of the Cat & Bones series.