Happy Thanksgiving y’all, as a fellow book nerd there are just some things I can’t help but acknowledge.

A Book Nerd’s Thankful List:

Large Tote

  1. Audiobooks – How else would I know how to pronounce prescience or know what a Prussian accent sounds like?
  2. Caffeine – How else would I be able to stay up all night and finish my latest book obsession?
  3. Totes – I’m so glad large purses are in style now, because I can carry around my current paperback and my eReader easily.
  4. Un-original Hollywood PeopleI am very thankful for the fact that a lot of people that make movies aren’t creative enough to form their own ideas, so they plunder popular books. How else would I get to see all my favorites become movies?
  5. Greedy Publishers Iced by Karen Marie MoningI am so very thankful that publishers want to sell as many books as possible, so they exploit trilogies and series like crazy. This way I get to live with my favorite characters for a long long time…and then even after the series ends – they publish more!
  6. The Hoarders TV Show – Because now I have a name for my particular brand of book crazy – Book Hoarder!
  7. Narrow-Minded People – For constantly challenging really good books. This makes people want to read even more!!
  8. Outdated Libraries – Because they don’t have computers, therefor only people who actually read are in attendance.
  9. Harry Potter – Because suddenly I am not so weird anymore. Other people get it – even if they didn’t read the books (even though I won’t acknowledge those people).
  10. Fifty Shades of Grey – Now I know a good portion of the world is just as perverted as me.
  11. Kindle – One click free downloads?? FTW! Best invention of the last 50 years.
  12. The Internet – Because where else can I connect with people like me?

Rachel Rivera