PJV Quickie: Stephanie O’ Hanlon has beautifully written Out Of My Grave where prose are concerned. But the story itself had a lot of pacing issues and there wasn’t much character development.

Out of My Grave is a historical paranormal romance that features a vampire/human love story. I am a big fan of vampire novels and I think Stephanie put a nice spin on the vampire genre with setting it in England in the 1800’s. She was also able to create her own distinct type of vampire which is a quality I always look for in vampire novels. I don’t want to read about the same type of vampire, time and time again. These vampires prefer certain types of blood based on the lives the human led, which I found really interesting. As well as how draining a vampire completely, turns them into a sort of zombie making them compelled to want the flesh of the vampire that drained them.

Stephanie is an amazing writer and describes everything in great detail. Some of her sentences were just beautiful. She spends a lot of time depicting Annalee’s, the main character, dresses and the parties she attends that it began to take away from the story. There was more telling than showing in Out Of My Grave. This to me was what caused my main downside to the novel, the pacing.

Out Of My Grave was extremely slow. For the first half of the book you aren’t even fully introduced to the vampire aspect of the story. I was rather bored for the beginning of the book and then the book took a complete turn and went straight into fast paced vampire story, it gave me a mental whip lash. For the most part the vampire aspects took a backseat to the historical romance.

Character wise I just wasn’t a fan of the female protagonist Annalee, she was very whiny and too emotional for my tastes. She had her moments of strength but they never really shined through long enough to like her. At times she was just too snobby and always the damsel in distress even after becoming a vampire. Though she had several monstrous moments. I really liked Vincent though. I found myself rooting for him. He was a gentleman who had his darker more possessive side which came off sort of sweetly.

Overall, I really liked Stephanie O’Hanlon’s writing but the story fell short for me. If I had the chance to pick up another book by her I  would probably read a Historical Romance by her but not a paranormal one.