PJV Quickie: Daylighters is the last book in the extremely popular Morganville Vampire series, and as a long-time fan I have to say I’m going to miss Claire and the gang.  Daylighters delivers on the action, suspense, and playful dialogue that we’ve come to expect from this series; I’m sad to say goodbye.


In this 15th and final book in the Morganville series, Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael have been dragged back to Morganville and it’s not a happy reunion.  Things have changed while they were gone, some things have been for the better, but most things have definitely not.  The Daylighters have control of Morganville and all the vampires have been captured and hearded into a holding area away from the town.  Fallon, the zealot founder of the Daylighters, has invalidated Michael and Eve’s marriage and expect Claire, Eve, and Shane to assimilate nicely into the ‘new, improved Morganville’.

Of course, they can’t just turn their back on their vampire friends and loved ones – especially Michael, Myrnin, Amelie, and Oliver – but the Daylighters have no intention of letting the vampires go.  When they find out what Fallon has planned for the vamps, they know they have to save them and have no time to lose…


I have mixed feelings about the conclusion to this amazing series:

I loved the action and twists that kept the story moving.  We got to see all of our old friends (some only for a scene or two), even taking a side-trip to Blacke.  Myrnin is still my favorite character, although I really liked Jesse (Lady Grey) too; she shared a powerful scene with Claire that was an eerie premonition of things to come.  And Shane, poor Shane, he’s always getting into trouble he didn’t sign up for.  I’m not going into more except to say that the dog bite from the last book has unexpected developments that keep him away from Claire.  Their love really does conquer all.  Eve and Michael are still fighting for their right to love each other, and Claire is still throwing herself in harm’s way to save the vampires.  As I was reading Daylighters, I would sit in my reading chair and lose track of time, which is an awesome way to spend an evening after a rough day.

BUT, I took off one star because some of the scenarios were resolved in a manner that seemed a little too convenient, and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about Michael’s fate.  I thought the ending was a bit sappy, but am ultimately happy with how things ended. There is a scene between Myrnin and Claire that was just perfect (my love for Myrnin apparently knows no bounds).

I would not recommend Daylighters if you have not read at least a few of the previous books in the series – Claire’s actions and attempts to save the vampires won’t make much sense.  If you have read the previous books in the series, Daylighters is a satisfying ending to a fabulous series:  it’s a solid ending that leaves just enough of their future to your imagination.  I predict a barrage of “after Daylighters” fanfic in the future.

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