Survey is based on a small portion of the book blogging population, but I believe the results might be pretty on point. The results will be biased because it was in English.

Where do book bloggers live?

Looks like the majority resides in the U.S., which considering the poll originated in the U.S. it would be heavy in that direction. The biggest surprise was there was a good portion in countries like Netherlands, Philippines and Slovenia. You guys are amazing, I couldn’t imagine blogging in another language.


Other: Belgium, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, Slovenia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.

Which States are the majority of book bloggers located? Hey Alabama?!

The amount of book bloggers per state, displayed in percentages.

statesOther: Arkansas, Connecticut, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon, Tennessee

How would you describe your blogging experience?

Now that we know where they live…how satisfied are they with their blog? Or blogging life in general? The fact that a few people actually answer unsatisfied and very unsatisfied gives me sad-face. I hope it gets better, or maybe a new hobby is in order?

How satisfied are bloggers with blogging?How Serious do Book Bloggers Consider their blogs:

The majority of us are of the opinion that most bloggers take book blogging as a hobby, but based on the results – I think book bloggers take their bloggers very seriously.

importantBook Blogger Niches:

I was under the impression that Young Adult bloggers are the majority of our lot. Seems I might have been right. Just saying. Not rubbing it in or anything. Not at all.

Type of Book BloggerBook Bloggers that only blog books:blogonlybooksHow would you describe your blog?

This was a very abstract question, because frankly this might mean different things to other bloggers. But, again I was surprised by the answers. Especially when compared to the pageviews answers (displayed next).


Book Bloggers Average Pageviews

I know a lot of bloggers are insecure about their pageviews, I hope this reassures a few of you ๐Ÿ˜‰ pageviews

Advertising on Blogs

Monetizing book blogs seem to be an increasing trend. What was once thought to be a faux-pas in the book blogging world, is now standard practice. Trends change quickly in blogging and monetizing seems to be the biggest change in our book blogging world in the last year. The reason I asked so many questions about this was because a lot of “old hat” book bloggers have suggested that the fact that monetizing has been put on the forefront of a lot of book blogs as a priority, for the decline of the book blogger community in general.ย  Asked a year ago, the priority was getting books to review, now it seems, making money has taken that top spot. This is not surprising considering that most blogging communities are rife with blogs out to make money, our book blogging niche was just slow to chase this trend. Now that it has reached us, we as a community need to figure out where we fit within this trend, if it works, if it doesn’t work and how we should move forward with our own blogs.

What do you think about monetizing your blog, or others that monetize?

There are still those that view monetizing on blogs as untrustworthy – but it would seem that the majority of blogs either use affiliate links, monetize in some way, or choose not to, but view others that do as perfectly fine. A few of the undecided comments stated that “straight-forward” advertising was fine, but if you are sneaky about it, using affiliate links without stating you are using them – is very wrong.

monetizingBlogs that Accept Advertising

Again a surprise. I would have thought this percentage would have been more. And while 85% say they do not advertise only 15%ย  say they will in the future.

advertisingFor the Blogs that do Advertise. I asked them some specific questions:

How do you sell your ads – and how many ads do you sell a month?

The fact that the majority sell about 1 ad a month, using direct sales is another surprise, since I seem to notice blogads on a majority of blogs with advertising. But, I guess this is a personal experience and those are recognized as advertisements.

advertising_typesAffiliate Links

When looking to monetizing your blog, the number one income earner is usually attributed to affiliate links. Pro Bloggers usually credit affiliate sales in the thousands each month, making the rest of us drool in envy. Mine personally has never passed about $10 a month, but a girl can hope. There was that one time that someone bought two generators right after they clicked one of my affiliate links and I earned $50 for that month! Even though the only thing I promote through affiliate links are books and those only earn about 2ยข a sale.

Percentage of Book Bloggers that Use Affiliate Links & Which Sites do They Sell For:

Wow – this was exactly 50/50 with Amazon leading the fray as the most used.


How else are bloggers earning money on their blogs?

A good 12% reported they earn money with their blog in other ways besides affiliate links or advertising. Considering 27% of those report that they earn money with Graphic Design – I have more competition then I thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

EarnThat is all the talk about money for right now. The next post will hold the results of reviewing habits. Thanks for answering these questions!