PJV Quickie: Horde is the non stop, action filled, culmination of Aguirre’s beloved (or hated) Razorland Series. Deuce finds herself outside of Salvation, looking for Salvation from the Freak Horde. The pages in this book are hit, after hit of emotions, kick-a$$ heroines, and blood shed.

Horde literally picks up right where we left off in Outpost, so you might need to re-read the last chapter or so to refresh your memory of what happened. I was a bit lost at first and then everything started clicking. Aguirre leaves enough bread crumbs to let the readers get those little aha moments, to fill in without rehashing the previous book.

Not only did the book immediately pick up where the story left off, but Aguirre decides she needs to punch us in the gut immediately. She doesn’t hold back. The people are at war with the Freaks now. And in real war lives, and towns are lost.

Deuce is well, Deuce and you either love her or hate her. I think she feels softer to me in this book. She’s not so cold. It’s a great progression as she moves from being a Huntress to being a leader, girlfriend, friend, daughter and sister. She’s learning her role. It’s so hard to forget that she is only 16. Such a hard life for someone so young. Even if it is fictional. I really empathized with her character, throughout the series. It was nice to see that the slack I cut her in book one was worthwhile as she became such a strong heroine.

Fade’s character growth was much more subtle than Deuce’s. He was always more human and rounded out than Deuce. Because he had a family, because he had an identity beyond being a Hunter. His time in captivity sort of set him behind. I think, that not re-reading Outpost hurt the way I felt for Fade. Because I couldn’t feel his pain. Relatively speaking the books in this series are rather short, so she had to move Fade from damaged to “okay” in a small amount of time. It felt rushed to me, but that’s because I wasn’t in his head space, and his capture wasn’t fresh to me.

I don’t even want to talk about Stryker. He is…well he is probably the most hated person of the series. He is definitely a gray character that resides in a gray area. But he’s learning. He’s learning not to be that ruthless guy anymore. Does he redeem himself in this book? No because you can’t redeem the things he did. Does he earn forgiveness? To me yes, he does.

There is a line that he says to Deuce in this book. Something along the lines of, “We could have ruled the City. You could have been my Queen.” And the idea is easy to see. Deuce even recognizes it, but she has Fade. And it just hit. OH MY GOD, that would have been an epic book too. Can you imagine it? I think instead of doing alternate POV’s re-telling the story (which is really popular in NA) Aguirre should tell THAT story. I would buy it.

Teagan. Teagan broke my heart. Read the book.

So Outpost left you with more questions? You get answers. The book wraps itself up nicely. It kind of made me weepy. Which made me angry. I hate crying.

Overall I loved this book. It was everything I wanted from Aguirre for the ending. Well I would have liked for more people to have lived. But it’s war.