PJV Quickie: If you have not read the first Penryn & the End of Days novel, Angelfall – do so now! You will not be disappointed. World After by Susan Ee was probably the most anticipated novel of this year for me. I had read Angelfall, the first novel in the series and fell in love with Susan Ee’s horrific storytelling talents…and then I had to wait…and wait…and wait. Was it worth the wait? Yes, it was, but now I have to wait again!

Review: World After begins right where Angelfall left off. Penryn is in a frozen state, thought to be dead by all around her as she is transported to the resistance camp with her mother and her mutilated little sister. Her angel has just flown off, believing she is dead, with his new demon wings attached to his body. It was quite an ending and an opener!

After the new landscape of Penryn’s life unfolds within World After… it is not long until another Penryn adventure begins, again spurned by her sister, who is not accepted by the refugees and eventually chased off into the desolate landscape. Penryn is forced to chase after her as she leads her from one angel stronghold to the next, Penryn is desperate to find her little sister, only seven years old, but now viewed by all as a monster. Unfortunately Penryn isn’t able to avoid the angels as she tries to locate her Paige. Captured, she is forced to witness the atrocities performed by the angels as one power hungry angel tries to gain more power by manipulation and lies. She has to stand by, treated like nothing but meat as she is either injured or primped, treated like a display piece or a lab rat, as events unfold that could mean the final annihilation of the human race.

If you think Angelfall was horrific, you haven’t seen anything yet! I was literally shivering as I read some of the descriptions of the fights and experiments the angels were engaging in. Susan Ee didn’t pull any punches as she gruesomely described that scorpions and more devastatingly, Paige, the bizarre acts Penryn’s mother engaged in and the behavior of the angels and the survivors. Can you say freaky?

The novel was also very very clean, I haven’t read an ARC in a long time that was quite so on-point and tight, Ms. Ee has a very well-put together writing style that I enjoy submerging myself into. So combine the great writing with a thrill-ride of macabre details and I was hooked from start to finish.

I do have to say that in the beginning I was a little bored with the novel. (I know right?! I was disappointed in myself) Penryn was very introspective and with her back in the resistance camp and distrusted, it didn’t make for fast-paced reading…but once it got rolling, there was no stopping the pace. Penryn was forced to deal with one crisis after another and it was all on her own. This was good and bad in my estimation, because Raffe wasn’t by her side, like in the first novel. In fact, Raffe didn’t show up until about two thirds into the novel.

Yup, you heard me. My kindle read 70% complete when Raffe decided to make his reappearance. I was about to have a panic-attack by this point.

But, of course when he did come back into the mix, it was an utter delight. There was that great banter back and forth that I had missed terribly. The storyline culminated into the final showdown — and then the novel ended!!!

***This is me freaking out***

The novel ended! Just as it was getting good!!!! I know. Much like she did to us in Angelfall, I was left with some questions answered and a feeling of some peace because of a big resolved issue – but in no way satisfied. I both love cliffhangers and hate them. I don’t know if I can make it to “sometime in 2014” with my mental faculties in check.  Please, hurry Ms. Ee — I will be somewhat patiently awaiting the next novel…at least a name?? Anything??

Recommendations: You have to read the first book. No question on this one. This is a young adult title, but has very mature horror themes, so recommended for 14+. The recommendation is because of violence, description of violence, only. Fans of Kendare Blake and Carrie Ryan should really enjoy Susan Ee.