PJV Quicke: The Howling Heart is a great light read that will have you flipping the pages as fast as you can. It isn’t without its problems though. If you are looking for a fun read that isn’t too serious this book is for you. Also the love interest Riley is definitely swoon worthy.

April Bostic really hooks you with this fun and fast paced werewolf love story in The Howling Heart . The Howling Heart is a new adult paranormal romance and has quite a few steamy scenes. At times the pacing was a little too fast and the romance felt a little too instant for my liking. The Howling Heart started off really great and by the middle of the book I wasn’t as in love with the story. But the story ended on a great note.

The background story to The Howling Heart was really sweet and probably one of the strongest parts of the story. Paige, the main character, meets werewolf Riley when they are children and she is on vacation.  Paige started out as a really strong main character and I really liked how she reacted to the crazy events that were thrown her way. But after awhile she just started going along with things and stopped being a fighter which bothered me. I am a fan of really strong and independent females in novels and I think the insta-love really took away from Paige’s character.

A lot of the story could have been flushed out more. Mainly the characters besides Paige in my opinion could have more development. Riley and his sister had great potential as well as compelling story lines but I never really saw them as main parts of the story. He was the love interest and besides being good looking; I never took him serious. I feel as though this story could have been expanded a great deal rather than feel so rushed.

I really did find the mythology of Bostic’s werewolves to be extremely unique and highly intriguing.  Bostic didn’t just create an explanation for how they are werewolves but also culture. It was interesting to see an almost government amongst the wolves as well as religion.

The ending of The Howling Heart was really sweet and even though this is a standalone (at least I think it is) I would love to read more of this world. If you love paranormal romances that are fun rather than dark The Howling Heart is definitely the story for you. If you’re a fan of YA stories such as Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and Nightshade by Andrea Cremer but want something slightly more mature this new adult romance is right up your alley.

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