Lock down your wordpress blog

Lock it down. Security Plugins You Need Now

Blog Security should be a major priority if you are using WordPress. One of the downfalls of the usually amazing CMS is that there are evil little spam hackers that want nothing better then to break into your blog and add malware.

Once they add malware or even just their attempts to hack your blog will lead to you being locked out of your blog, your blog being marked as a spam blog, or your entire blog coming crashing to the ground.

Now for starters you can always go the expensive way and sign up for programs like Vault Press or get specialized security hosting but that can be upwards of $50 a month. I know I can’t pay that and I generate money with this blog via advertising. So here are some free or very cheap alternatives that can protect your blog.

Free Security Plugins

Free WordPress Security Plugins

Protect From Spam Email.

I was actually blocked from my site by my host because of the immense amount of Spam email I was getting, so my IP was flagged as spam. I switched to Disqus and I haven’t had a problem since. Yes, it makes it a bit harder to comment on my blog, but you have to take the good with the bad. I need protection, Disqus protects my blog from over 250 spam comments a day.

Free Security Plugins

 Back Up Your Blog to Dropbox

I use Dropbox, but I never thought to use it for back-ups. Now they have a plugin for that. You can back-up your databases straight to dropbox and you’ll be able to restore them if you have any issues. I do usually back-up via GoDaddy, but this is a great “backup.”

Free Security Plugin


I have been using the WordPress Firewall 2 – but there has not been an update in a long time. iControlWP has come up with a new Firewall that replaces the WordPress Firewall with a “simple” version. This one is pretty easy to install and seems to do the trick.

Free Plugin Security

Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

A way hackers like to get into your site is by using 404 errors, or what are called Bad Queries. The BBQ plugin locks these people out.

Security Plugins Free

Monitor Your Files

And again another way they try to get to your site is through your uploads folder, which lives in a public area of your site. The File Monitor Plus will email you if a file was modified.

Protect your WordPress blog!

You should find all these plugins very useful, but you might want overall plugins for security. They are usually very big plugins that will be intensive to install and make changes. Not to mention changes that are made can mess up your blog if you do not know what you are doing. Make sure you know what is going on, how to do and read all the directions. Unlike me – who just likes to push buttons.

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