PJV Quickie: Heavy Metal Heart by Nico Rosso was a hot shortie, that didn’t feel like a novella. There was plenty of hot romance scenes, a somewhat well crafted plot and enough momentum to feel like I read a full on romance. If you are looking for a rock and roll romance with a paranormal flavor – get your Heavy Metal Heart on.

Review:  Misty, our young heroine is a minion for the movie studios, she does effects and likes what she does, she just hates her job. When she finds out her rock-star obsession, Trevor Sands will be playing at an impromptu performance near her house, she has to go see him. She has fantasized about Trevor Sands forever and knows that if he just sees her, he’ll want to hook up. He has to, she’s obsessed, but sane of course. She manages to make it to the show at the last moment and the minute Trevor Sands sees her, they seem to connect. But, then the show is over and the band is leaving. Misty can’t let this opportunity pass her by, she knows they connected. In the alley behind the club she calls out to Trevor and he is surprised she can see him, which to him proves that she is the muse he has been looking for a long time. Trevor Sands has been alive since humans first danced around camp fires, he describes himself as an elemental or a demon. His life depends on the reaction of the crowd, he feeds on the applause, the adoration, his music channels the responses. He can take many forms, stone, wood, metal and maybe even some hairy goat legs…and he’s been looking for one woman for his entire life. He realizes almost immediately that Misty is that woman.  So begins her sexy and dangerous introduction to Trevor’s world.

I was pleasantly surprised with Heavy Metal Heart by Nico Rosso. I’ve been enjoying a few Rock & Roll romances, who hasn’t swooned over a rock star? And this one paired a good Rock Star with a cool paranormal back story. The great thing about this short read was that Rosso was able to craft two very memorable characters. Misty was spunky and Trevor was sexy and mysterious, together they came together in a very hot collision. And Rosso did not skip on the sexy-time. Not one bit.

I did have some issues with the book, the paranormal aspect of Trevor and his band wasn’t as flushed out as it should have been. It probably would have added about 50 more pages to the book, but I didn’t really understand what Trevor was, why he was hunted, how he actually feasted that sort of thing. I felt like I was coming in via the middle of a series and not at the beginning.

It was a good book though and I enjoyed reading it, I’m even looking forward to more sexy romances from Nico Rosso.

Recommendations: Fans of Rock Stars and Romance you should really enjoy, also Paranormal Romance fans that like a lot of heat in their novels, don’t pass this one up. Adults only though, this one gets a bit naughty, including a very hot PDA moment between the bad. Like whoah.