PJV Quickie: If you are looking for a fun, romantic ride, check out WILD CHILD by Molly O’Keefe. O’Keefe has a wonderful romantic voice and she created great characters that I fell in love with.  The story-line might not be that original, but based on what it is, the story was a good addition to the contemporary romance genre.

Review: The synopsis compared WILD CHILD by Molly O’Keefe with Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson, which is a perfect comparison, in fact the book reminded me a lot of Susan Elizabeth Phillips Wynette Texas series, particularly, CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE. This comparison is based on the fact that both books are about a small town, sexy mayor who falls in love with a “bad girl” celeb while trying to woo a wank of a CEO into setting up shop in their town to “save” it. The concept might be similar but the books do deviate a lot in plot, Molly O’Keefe took a not so original romance concept and made it her own, mainly with her creation of two great, original characters along with a slew of fun secondary characters.

Jackson Davies is the sexy mayor, tied to a position he didn’t want, only there because his town needs help, and his orphaned sister needs someone to take care of her. He is at the end of his rope, with one last ditch effort to save the town by winning a contest that will get a cookie factory to set up shop in an abandoned factory. Monica Appleby is a girl that grew up on television, her wild antics covered in detail on a reality television show that was her mother’s greatest achievement. It has taken a lot for Monica to shake her harried past and one way was to write a tell-all book that depicted her troubled youth. Now her publisher is asking for a follow-up and what better topic then her mother and the reason Monica and her mom fled the small Arkansas town of Bishop in the first place – her step-father’s death, by the hands of her mother. It’s a touchy subject, full of abuse and hidden twists, it is also something the people of Bishop do not want to relive, especially when they are trying to paint themselves as a wholesome family town to attract potential businesses. Jackson might be aggravated by Monica showing up in town, but it doesn’t stop his instant attraction and their tumultuous interactions.

It was a sexy story, Monica and Jackson came together believably and they worked through their issues in a manner that was true to the story and not something forced by pacing of a romance algorithm. I enjoyed it and only when writing out the review did the similarities between other romances become more evident. While reading the story I was completely engrossed in the town of Bishop and Monica and Jackson’s romance. It was fun and something I recommend, I look forward to reading more from Molly O’Keefe.

Recommendations: Recommended for fans of romance, especially contemporary romance fans. If you’ve read and enjoyed authors like Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Nora Roberts you’ll enjoy Molly O’Keefe’s WILD CHILD. This is an adult romance title and not recommended for anyone under 18 because of all the sexy-time.