PJV Quickie: WHITE TRASH BEAUTIFUL was one of those novels that might have been predictable, but the underlying emotional interplay kept me engrossed. On one hand you have the typical white knight, broken heroine scenario, but on the other you have great inner monologue paired with gritty interplay and storyline that made WHITE TRASH BEAUTIFUL a great contemporary listen.


Cass is one of the most depressing characters in a romance you’ll ever encounter. Her life is absolutely craptastic. She works at a hole-in-the-wall diner, slaving for pennies. She lives in a trailer that is falling down around her, with a mother that is a heroine addict. Her mother was lured into addiction by her boyfriend, a boyfriend that is just as addicted as her mother. A boyfriend that has taken to beating on Cass whenever his shitty life gets the best of him.

Only in her early twenties, Cass has given up on life, accepted her lot in life and now just grins and bears it. Until Tucker White walks into her diner and changes her life forever. He messes it all up, he changes her opinion on her station, he gives her hope, but then forces her to face her reality. It’s a crazy ride with Cass and Tucker and it’s not a comfortable, feel good romance. It doesn’t even have the ending that you’ll expect. It’s a great emotional roller-coaster of trauma, gritty topics and unexpected romance.

Narration of the audiobook was done by Grace Grant, whose male voices might not have been on par with some of the other great female narrators, but it was quite a good performance. Her southern drawl was subtle and not over-blown. She was believable as Cass in every way.

Overall it was a good audiobook listen. The novel pulled at my emotional heartstrings at all the right points. I will be reading/listening on in the series, even though I’m usually not a fan of the same couple romance novels. I’ll give this one a try. Maybe you should give it a try also!

Recommendations: This is recommended for fans of romance, the novel has heavy topics, abuse, drugs, rape, so be prepared. It is for adults only.