Blogger Burnout exists, beware!

Blogger BurnoutI’m actually going through a burnout mode at the moment. It was a cumulative effect brought on by a lot of technology issues and personal stresses that impacted my blogging immensely. It sucks and with each day you fall behind you feel that you’ll never pull out of it.

I asked myself a few questions when I go into this sort of faze.

1. Is it worth it? Do I want to continue blogging?
2. If I do want to continue, how do I combat it?
3. Screw combating it…how do I make this fun again?

Since I haven’t said “no” to the first question yet, I move on to number two and then finally number three…because I want this to be fun. I want it to be something I’m excited about, I want it to be like it was when I first started.

That sounds silly doesn’t it? That I had more fun as a novice blogger, just starting, with just a handful of followers then I do now? But, it’s true. Just like any relationship, in the beginning it’s fresh, fun and as you explore the intricacies of this new part of your life you feel like you’ve found something great. As you advance into it, the every day tasks are not new and fresh so they become tedious. Things that were exciting, like authors contacting you to review their book actually become a hassle, one more thing you have to do to reach the endgame. But, you know it’s wrong to think of it as a hassle, because these people are the reason you started blogging in the beginning.

Just like any relationship or job, once the little things become sickly tedious – things will breakdown.

I don’t want this to happen to me, or the blog. Because who knows what the repercussions would be? I’ll start posting rants about how authors suck and they should be privileged to be featured on my elitist blog, why other bloggers suck because they got the ARC I wanted or start trying to sell tattoo advertising on my forehead for when I return to the vlogging arena…

You and me both do not want this. But…I guess if I did that, it might incite some good retaliatory posts… 😀

So, how do me/you/we combat this? Keep it fun, keep it fresh…keep it moving in the right direction?

Write A Pros & Cons List
Put things in perspective. If the cons are out-weighing the pros, take a break. When you feel you’ve ironed out your cons, come back.

Change Up The Routine
Start a new feature or nix a feature that you weren’t feeling anymore. Start writing out your posts on paper instead of on the computer. Keep a calendar, in an actual paper calendar.

Bring in a Newbie
Ask for help. Get guest contributors, or a regular co-blogger.

Get Out There
Meet some real people that either blog, or like the same books as you do. Host a blogger meet-up for bloggers in your area, or check out local book clubs.

Overall, just know, if it is worth it, stick it out. If it is not worth it, maybe it is time to explore other hobbies. You don’t have to give it up entirely, maybe explore just doing a Facebook page, or join another blog. Just make it fit within your life, not take over your life — if it does do this, you’ll find yourself burning out and it is not an enjoyable feeling.

Book Blogger News

  • The RT Convention has opened up registration for 2014 and the agenda has been posted. Guess who will be on a panel? Moi. Source
  • As Booklikes gains popularity new lists are popping up about “Badly Behaving Booklikes Users” on that gem of a website called Stop the Goodreads Bullies- and the owners of Booklikes are showing that they don’t stand for BS. They are doing this by leaving  meaningful comments on posts that are being posted against the “geniuses” of the STGRBs site. Frankly, I hate posting about the losers behind the STGRB site, but I think it is a testament to the management team of Booklikes that they will stand behind their members. As more and more users flock from to sites like I wonder if the STGRB will rebrand as their little voices become outdated…will they now be the Stop the Booklikes Bullies? May I make a suggestion? How about we go for a more apropos name… Stop Negative Reviews by Bullying People who Dare Voice Their Opinion Site of Failed Authors. Has a better ring to it, doesn’t it? It is kind of long though.  Source 1. Source 2. Source 3.
  • Tom Clancy, author extraordinaire passed away yesterday. His death was announced by his publisher and no cause of death was mentioned. Tom Clancy wrote some of the greatest espionage novels of the modern era. His books were one of the reasons I joined the military. His genius will be missed. Source

Question of the Week:

“I’m just about to start a new blog. But, I’m unsure of where to begin. I’ve chosen a name, I’m just kind of stuck on what platform to go with. I don’t want to pay to begin, but I am afraid that it will be deleted in the future. I just don’t have the money and don’t want to make the investment if this doesn’t work out. What do you recommend?” – Anon

If you don’t want to pay I would recommend going with Blogger. Yes, you might get your blog deleted, so make sure you back-up regularly. I mean all the time! Maybe create a private wordpress freebie blog that you continually import into. I would say try out but since they are in their infancy, if you ever want to switch to another platform I’m unsure about how it will import and export. I’m sure they will have a way soon, but I can’t give you a certifiable yes. So, Blogger or Booklikes.

Happy Thursday Everyone! Stay safe. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity. Have a question? Ask it here.