Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.

1. Save time. Why waste time brainstorming and coming up with great content when getting good content is as easy as reading (which you are probably doing anyway) and copy and pasting.


The book ASSASSIN OF SECRETS is one of the most prolific examples of recent author plagiarism – and  his book is still for sale on Amazon! Source

2. Your Ideas are Golden. I don’t know if this applies to you, but if you are like me, you are an Idea person. The hard part is turning those ideas into a novel. Good thing there is a handy trick called plagiarism. You can piece together different novels to create your own idea.  Make it your own and sit back and wait for the pay-off.
3. More Output. With the benefit of saving time, now you can produce more books!
4. Make More Money. Time and Output equals cash! You have more books to sell, you have more money in your pocket.
5. Fame. With the output of more books you can potentially become a household name, even if you are caught (crossing our fingers that it doesn’t happen) bad PR is still PR right?
6. Learning the ins and outs of the justice system. Speaking of getting caught, if you were to get caught, the most that can happen is getting dragged into court. Then you get to have a front row vantage point of the justice system. It is very unlikely that you would get a prison sentence, but even then — whoa you get to experience prison, which is more fodder for a new book deal!
7. Cease & Desist. The majority of the time you will just get a cease and desist letter, no prison time, which could have been cool. But the cool thing about a cease and desist letter, you just pull the book and then republish it under a different title , alias and cover. How easy is that?
8. Save Your Ego. The hardest part about being a writer can sometimes be the criticism you receive from critics and citizen reviewers. But, you don’t have to worry about that…because this book is technically someone else’s work. So, you reap the monetary benefits of sales and could care less about all those pesky 1 star reviews.
9. Bask in the Glory. Now that you’ve saved your ego, earned some cash — you can now call yourself an author and without all that hard work that usually goes into actually becoming an author.
10. Why not? The odds are very low you’ll get caught. Do you know how many books are out there? How many readers are just waiting to buy books? The odds are very low that you’ll get caught, especially if you “skim” from unpopular titles, targeting stuff  on the internet is probably the best source. People post all kind of things on the internet, what do they expect? Everyone is plagiarizing in this modern age, the culture is even become more tolerant of plagiarizing ideas, calling it fan fiction or “inspired.” You might as well jump on the band-wagon and profit off of it.

This is a satirical dishing junk piece.

You would be surprised what type of people plagiarize, here is just a taste:

Alex Haley – The author of ROOTS who won a Pulitzer Prize was accused of plagiarizing a book called THE AFRICAN by author Harold Courlander. Haley commented that some sections of his book originally appeared in THE AFRICAN but has no idea how they made it into ROOTS. I’m assuming by magic, or osmosis. {source}
Andy Warhol – Silk-screened photographers, such as Patricia Caulfield’s work without her permission. He actually took the photograph from a photography magazine and then used them for a gallery show, later settling out of court when he was caught. {wiki}
Joe Biden – VP Joe Biden was running for president in 1987 when it came out that he had plagiarized a paper he wrote for law school. Biden did admit to the mistake, but claimed it was a misunderstanding, pure ignorance about properly citing sources. But, even after this accusation came out, Dukakis, (running for the Democratic nomination also) showed that he was still plagiarizing his speeches, from sources like Neil Kinnock and Robert Kennedy. He was forced to drop out of the race and now he is Vice President! {wiki}
Russian President Vladimir Putin – It is alleged that Russian President Putin himself plagiarized his thesis titled “The Strategic Planning of Regional Resources Under the Formation of Market Relations” {wiki}