Sarai lives in a compound of a Mexican drug lord. She’s been there since she was fourteen. Nine long years. She waits, surviving, until the American walks in. When he does she takes a chance on him. A chance that leads her on a wild chase for her life.

This book was unputadownable. I lost so much sleep reading it. The characters are well rounded and developed. Victor and Sarai both have this draw to them, that no matter how horrible they are being to each other you still cheer for them to be together.

The action is subtle, the people in this book are professional killers. There are no blow outs, or car chases. It’s not Hollywood. It’s fun! I’ve always loved the whole spy/mafia/professional killer story line and this book does not disappoint on that front.

There is so much romantic tension in this book. It’s intense. You know they are falling for each other, they know it, but no one will admit it! They just keep playing this game, dancing around each other. Making threats, making mistakes. I just want my HEA.

There are little plot holes in the book. So little I didn’t even notice them until I was re-reading the book. Yes, I read it twice back to back. They didn’t make me hate the book, but I did knock half a star off for them. For example, Sarai has a tracking device on her. So why does it take Javier (the drug lord) and his sister a full day to retrieve her? They should have been hot on her trail with in an hour at most. And yes, they do track her down. But since she was Javier’s favorite you would think that they would watch her a little closer. There is probably a reason it takes so long that the author thought was obvious. And it is, kind of, but something still needed to be said. Like, oh well they didn’t realize she was missing for half a day because……. I don’t care what excuse you give me, just give me one. I’ll literally believe whatever you tell me if I love your writing style. And I do love Redmerskis’. She could have told me Sarai had a mutant gene that gives out a toxin that kills the tracker, and I would have bought it. Am I making this a bigger deal than it is? Yes I am, because at the end of the day I still loved this book. I still want that HEA, and I will buy any book that the author puts out in this series!