It is amazing how WordPress can enhance your blogging experience, some of the things that this CMS can do sometime astounds me. A lot of the things, casual users don’t even realize exist. I guess that is where I come in. Here are a few WordPress Tips & Tricks.

  1. YouTube Vid – Boosh! In the new WordPress 3.6 update, you do not have to embed your YouTube vids, all you have to do is copy and paste the YouTube link right into the editor (not even the HTML part!). This is one of my favorite new features of the update.Edit_Post_‹_Parajunkee_—_WordPress
  2. Sticky Posts – Want to make a post at the top of your blog stay there, no matter what you post after it?? Maybe a great giveaway or a blog tour that has to remain on top? Make it sticky! Just go into your Posts Area > All Posts > Quick Edit and check off “Make This Post Sticky”
  3. Go from Blog to Website – If you want to have a static home page on your website/blog it is easy to do with just a few clicks. First you would just create two pages. Call one Home and add your homepage content there. Then add another page, titled Blog. Go to Settings > Reading Settings > click the radio button “A Static Page” and select Home for your Front Page and Blog for your posts pages.Reading_Settings_‹_Parajunkee_—_WordPress
  4. Tag or Category? – Categories you can actually add to your Menu system! You want to manage those categories well. If you have imported from Blogger, all your tags turned into categories. Go through those categories (Under Posts) and manage them. Delete the ones you don’t want and designate posts correctly. You can also do this through the QUICK EDIT in you All Posts area. This is a great way to show a “Features” menu system, with all your memes, or genres in one area. If you tag ever Romance review, Romance — if users want to find all Romance reviews, all they have to do is click on the category Romance, either from your post Meta or if you set up a menu system or link. Tags are less specific and usually designated with keywords, author names that sort of thing. They are more to assist with searching then with a structured query.
  5. The Media Library – If you want to use an image more then once in your site, use your Media Library. Make sure to name your file something you can remember. For example, if you use a signature in every post, name the file “signature” so you can search your Media Library and find it quickly and easily.
  6. Themes – Themes can do a lot of different things that you would be amazed by. My particular theme has it’s own widgets, has a rating system installed and a featured slider, along with the ability to change the color, skin etc. Do your research on your theme, choose one that has the ability to maximize your WordPress wordpress tipsexperience. You can have a fantastic site without having to hire a WordPress designer, all it takes is the use of a great theme.
  7. Social Awesome – WordPress can integrate with all of your social accounts, the main ones to focus on are Facebook & Twitter. Make sure to set up your social sharing buttons in JetPack and there are always plugins that allow user to login with Facebook, or share quickly with twitter. Do some research on plugins like  Facebook Connect or Simple Twitter Tweets which can bring your social accounts into your blog easily.
  8. Reply Comments – You can reply to comments directly from your dashboard! Yep, makes things easier, especially if you get comments on older posts. Just go to your comments section in your Dashboard and hit reply underneath.
  9. Schedule Your Posts – It surprises me how many people aren’t aware of this. But look on the right of your editor. See where it says Publish immediately? Click edit and you can set a date and time to publish your post.
  10. Restore Backups – Accidentally hit back while you were writing your post! This is a big deal for me because I have one of those Might Mouse things that will go back in a web program with just a slide of my finger. Youch! But now WordPress has a handy Auto-Save function and you can restore your back-up. It has saved me on a few occasions!

Book Blogger News:

Anne Rice suggests that Amazon provide “well written substantive reviews” rewards. Personally, I’m shooting for cash money. With every like, I want $5 — what do you think?? That would make things more interesting. {source}

The title of THE 5th WAVE book two is THE INFINITE SEA. When asked about his title, Yancy said he came up with the title “as I worked through the plot of the second book, I kept coming back to the imagery Cassie uses when she’s in the safe room looking for her brother, when the crowd of children makes her think of humanity as ‘“an infinite sea of upturned faces.”'” {Source}

Lauren Kate’s trailer for TEAR DROP is released to the squeals of book bloggers everywhere. Or at least maybe a few hundred. I gotta admit, it’s pretty, really pretty. View here.

Speaking of pretty! Have you seen the Penguin Horror series? Yup, those covers are fantastic and backed by the name/man-of-awesome Guillermo Del Toro. {source}

 Question of the Week:

I have no followers. I don’t know how to get followers. What is the first thing that you did to get followers? – Anne
I went out and commented on other people’s blogs and I joined a forum and talked to other people. Just introduced myself to the community, said “hi, this is my blog.” It’s like you’ve been invited to a party and you don’t know a single person there. You can either stand in the corner and watch, or you can go up and shake someone’s hand. Or join in on a game that everyone is playing. Memes, forums and comments are the best way to start out in the community. The key word being COMMUNITY.

Happy Thursday Everyone! Stay safe. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity. Have a question? Ask it here.