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Don’t judge me. 

I use Goodreads a lot.  Like, really a lot.  I don’t get much into the drama and groups and stuff, I just use it to look up books to see if a) I’ve already read it; b) it’s part of a series; and c) skim reviews of people whose reviews I trust to see if I think I’ll enjoy it (also looking to see if anyone mentions if the book has been poorly edited).

The other day I was skimming books and came across a review for a ‘Non-Consent’ (NC) title.  For the purpose of this post, my understanding of the term is that NC books usually involve rape and/or some sort of sexual coersion.  This particular reviewer read a NC book that I had really enjoyed, and started her review wondering what is wrong with all the people who left 5 star reviews and that they must need psychiatric help. (No, I cannot remember who wrote the review, and even if I did I wouldn’t link to it)

So here’s the thing – while that reviewer is entitled to her opinion about the book, so am I.  And just because she didn’t like it doesn’t mean no one else is allowed to like it.  And I resent the implication that I need psychiatric help because I enjoy a certain type of book.


dexter_season_6_wallpaper_2_hd_by_inickeon-d4aqow3Do people who watch Dexter want to be murdered by a serial killer? Then why would you think someone who reads non-consent wants to be raped?

I’ve read end enjoyed many NC books, usually they involve kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome or BDSM wherein the main character gives up her ability to say no.  I find the psychological aspect of these books fascinating.  I think also these books have appeal because of the aspect of loss of control. In today’s hectic society where you’re in charge of work, kids, household, social calendar, etc., it’s not uncommon to fantasize about giving up that control and letting someone else be in charge.  Also, the subject matter is taboo, which always makes things that more appealing.  My first NC was Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas and I was hooked – I could not put it down.  Does that mean I want to be kidnapped and turned into a sex slave? No way.  Does that mean I want it to happen to someone else? Again, no. I also don’t want to turn into a vampire/werewolf, or cheat on my husband, or be an international assassin, yet those are all popular topics of books that people enjoy reading.  Are readers of true crime accused of having psychiatric issues?

I find people have this ‘judgey’ attitude a lot towards romance readers, so to see it coming from someone who appears to be a romance reader towards another segment of readership is difficult for me to understand.  All different kinds of people read all different kinds of books, y’all – it’s true!!  Can you imagine life if we were only allowed to like one particular type of genre or story?  BORING!



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Let’s just agree that reading is awesome.

And as I’m typing this post, I’m thinking, why do I have to defend my reading choices?  Especially to other readers?  How about, instead of sneering at people who are enjoying books that you think are beneath you, acknowledge that it’s great that they’re reading something at all.  I enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, I also enjoyed The Dark Tower series and Anna Karenina.  And there are loads of books I didn’t enjoy, but I don’t pass judgement on the people who do.  Even if  non-readers see romance readers as pathetic and lonely spinsters, or sci-fi readers as un-dateable nerds, or poetry readers as annoying  hipsters, we know that we are more than someone else’s perception of us and we all have something in common – WE ENJOY READING.  So let’s celebrate that instead of dragging each other down.

*Please keep in mind that this post was written by Patti, not Rachel, and I have a day job that doesn’t allow social networking, so any replies from me will not happen until after I get home from work.