PJV Quickie: Larissa Ione has hit another home-run with her new series, named MoonBound Clan Vampire series. A mouthful, but still a good addition to the paranormal romance, science fiction genre of vampire fiction. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Ione through her Demonica series and now she continues her dark creativity with the gem that is BOUND BY NIGHT…a not to be missed read for fans of paranormal romance.

Review: Larissa Ione’s new series is set within the vampire plague trope, vamparism is an accepted reality, but to combat the predators, humans have enslaved and domesticated vampires. They remove their fangs and use them as slaves, within their houses and in their businesses. There are large companies that profit in the sale and exploitation of vampires, Nicole Martin, the main character of the novel is the heiress in charge of one of those companies. The vampire clans that live on the fringes of society, hiding from hunters, slave traders and other rival clans hate the Martins. In an attempt to free a female vampire that was taken by slavers, Riker a member of the Moonbound Clan, breaks into the Martin home and takes Nicole hostage, his goal, an exchange, Nicole for the vampire female.

Riker doesn’t plan on a few things though, one that Nicole’s brother might not want his sister back and two, Nicole isn’t as heartless or evil as he assumed. As she discovers more about their society a mutual respect grows between the vampire and the human and the two learn about each other and break down the preducdices that ran rampant in their own hearts and minds.

The underlying thoughts and feelings of two peoples, the exploited and the exploiters is nothing new, along with the substitution of vampire for certain races or cultures, but Ione delivers her world in a fresh and gritty take that was both entertaining and emotional. Her world building was unique, especially with the Native American culture used as a creation story within the framework of the novel. What I also enjoyed about this story was Ione’s voice, her stories tend to be more raw and dark then other writers in the genre, her perfunctory tone specific and in your face. Ione created two very strong characters and made their strengths and weaknesses believable and while I might not have agreed with their actions, they always stayed true to personality.

Even though the plot of the story might have been predictable at times, following typical paranormal romance themes and stereotypes – it was nothing that detracted from the telling and only fell within the lines of a you knew it must have a happily ever after, this is a romance, right? But, man, did I doubt that happily-ever-after at a few points within the story.

Speaking of the HEA, BOUND BY NIGHT did fall within the ‘fated-mate’ scenario, which I tend to not like. Ione did handle this one a bit differently then the usual fare, so it didn’t bother me like others in the genre. The relationship progressed in a way that seemed natural, even though it was forced with the mate situation and the kidnapping, all over-done tropes within the genre. Again, over-done – but Ione handled it well. If it has to be done, do it this way.

Overall, BOUND BY NIGHT was a gritty paranormal romance with a don’t hold back telling that is specific to Larissa Ione novels.


If you have read Larissa Ione’s DEMONICA series and enjoyed it, you should enjoy her latest series. If you are a fan of paranormal romance, especially with a vampire male lead, you’ll love BOUND BY NIGHT. Adults only, there are plenty of hot scenes.