Sins of the Lost Blog Tour

Sins of the Lost Blog Tour

Thank you so much for hosting me here today, Rachel! I’m thrilled to have you as part of the Sins of the Lost tour, and to be able to chat with your readers. I thought it would be fun to talk about one of my favorite things to do outside of reading/writing…food preservation.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you already know that I do a fair bit of canning come harvest season. Last year I put up 272 jars of peaches, pears, pickles, tomatoes, sauces, salsa, and four kinds of soup. This year I had to buy more jars.

It’s a tremendous amount of work, especially given that there’s a grocery store a block from my house. So why do I put in the effort? Several reasons, actually.

While I’m not a true “prepper” by any stretch of the imagination (despite joking about preparing for the zombie apocalypse), I do tend to view the current state of our world with a slightly jaundiced eye. Like it or not, climate change is happening, and our weather patterns are becoming increasingly unpredictable. I’ve lived through power outages that lasted long enough to become unsettling (five days without power during the 1998 ice storm), and I’m far more relaxed going into the winter months here knowing that we’ll at least have food on hand.

Oh, and for the record? Writing about Armageddon doesn’t ease my mind… 😉

  1. I try to keep my food purchases as local as possible. I like to know who is growing my food (and how they’re growing it), and I like to support the small farmers in my region.
  2. I’m concerned about plant diversity. Companies such as Monsanto frankly scare the crap out of me with their seed patents. More and more farmers in my area are bringing back heritage plant breeds, and I very much want to be a part of that.
  3. Pure satisfaction. By the end of the season, when I put away my canning supplies, my storeroom shelves are filled with jars containing a veritable rainbow of colors. It’s not just satisfying, it’s beautiful.
  4. Keeping traditions alive. In my grandmother’s day, preserving food yourself was pretty much a standard practice. My mother also canned and froze most of our food throughout my childhood. There’s a certain comfort in staying connected with those traditions, not to mention practicing a sadly neglected art.
  5. Genetics. I come from a long line of hard-working women, and I think gardening and food preservation are just a part of my genetic makeup. Either that or the current theory among my friends is right, and I’m part squirrel. 😉

So…do you do any kind of preserving? Wanna swap recipes?

Sins of the Lost

About the Book

Title: SINS OF THE LOST (Grigori Legacy #3)
Author: Linda Poitevin
Pub. Date: October 15, 2013
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: N/A
Find it: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads

From the author of Sins of the Angels and Sins of the Son comes the newest novel in the “electric, thrilling and extremely intelligent” (Ex Libris) Grigori Legacy series.

Heaven and Hell are on the brink of war as Lucifer builds his Nephilim army and waits for his new agenda to become a reality — that of having a Nephilimchild of his own bloodline to lead his forces to cataclysmic victory.

With rumors of the pending war rampant on Earth, Alex fights to save humanity from its own panic –­ leaving little time for her fledgling relationship with Seth, the man with heavenly origins who has captured her heart. But when Nephilim children begin to disappear, along with Alex’s own vulnerable niece, the inevitable war between Heaven and Hell becomes as personal as sin.

Heaven has its own plans to fight the coming apocalypse, but first it needs Seth back. Asked to betray the man she loves, Alex must turn for help to the soulmate she thought she’d given up — the Archangel Aramael, who may be her last chance to save her family and humanity from the ashes of Lucifer’s Armageddon.

lindaredwallMore About Linda Poitevin

Linda Poitevin is the author of the dark urban fantasy series, The Grigori Legacy, from Ace/Roc Books. Linda lives near Ottawa, Canada’s capital, and in her other life is wife, mother, friend, gardener, coffee snob, freelance writer, and zookeeper of too many pets.



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