Swoon Worthy Teen Heroes – Fact or Fiction?

Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.

The Hottest Male Heroes in Young Adult Fiction always get me thinking, where were these boys when I was in High School? Because frankly, the boys that circumnavigated my girl-group were ridiculously stereotypical in themselves. None of those stereotypical attributes could be described as heroic though. I don’t want to get too personal but the boys that I dated in high school would probably be poster-children for the “asshats” in the novels, not the boyfriend material.

With this thought in mind, I decided to put together a list, of the boys in YA that we love to swoon over, but are probably not good for us. Because what is more silly then 30-somethings lusting after teen-age boys in fiction.

The Best Bad-Boys of YA Fiction

Dimitir Belikov

#1 Dimitri Belikov – The Vampire Academy Series

Who hasn’t fantasized about their instructor when they were in high school? I have to admit, I had a hot Religion teacher (yeah I know, straight to Hell). But, to actually date him? Bad boy number one is the hot Russian Dmitri Belikov, that steals Rose’s heart and then drives her insane for most of the series.


#2 Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

Damon, Damon, Damon, you are the bad-brother, the one with the blood-lust, the one with all the right moves. The ultimate bad-boy in the brother vs. brother YA compendium. Who doesn’t swoon over the vampire that isn’t afraid to bite? 


#3 Morpheus – Splintered

Who doesn’t have Mad Hatter fantasies after Johnny Depp played him? Now turn that on it’s head and experience the character of Morpheus, the goth, bad-boy version…bent on seduction of Alyssa. Who cares what his motives are…take me to wonderland. 


#4 Cas Lowood – Anna Dress in Blood

Ok, so he is in love with a ghost. I get this, but girls always are hot for the unattainable. Cas can kick-ass, is loyal and knows a little bit of voodoo. Yum. 


#5 Kaidan Rowe – Sweet Evil

Nothing like the epitome of bad boy in a lust demon to cement the bad-boy image. While Kaidan didn’t live up to some of his adult versions (lust demons of PNR) he did a respectable job as a YA bad-boy. 


#6 Daemon Black – Obsidian

When you say YA Bad-Boy, we say Daemon Black. Oh yes please, you naughty alien! I want to make a light-bulb explode with you any day. Snarky, horny and egotistical, Daemon is the crème de la crème of “Don’t bring home to momma.” 


#7 Aaron Warner – Shatter Me

Beneath his insane exterior lies a boy that just needs some good loving to set him straight. All he needs is a girl and he’ll change for the better, right ladies? He can’t help that he has daddy issues. 


#8 Prince Ash – The Iron King

Who says the Ice Prince doesn’t have a heart of gold? Don’t let his pointy sword, dark attire or stoney expression fool you, ladies. Prince Ash is the epitome of hot fae even if his kiss will chill you to the bone. 


#9 Raffe – Angelfall

A haughty killer angel? Sexy as hell, but a warrior at heart, who would sooner kill you than even entertain kissing you? *Me me me, want!!!* 


#10 Seth – Wicked Lovely

Tattooed, pierced and living in his own crazy apartment. This best-friend turned lover is one of the first YA bad-boys that I got to experience, even though he’s really a softy when it comes to his girl.