If you have been following me for awhile, you’ll know that Kresley Cole can do no wrong in my estimation, so what follows might be a bit of fangirl gushing…

PJV Quickie: MacRieve was sexy, emotional, damaged in the right way, violent at the perfect moments and silly at others in the only way a paranormal romance can be silly. Cole continues to deliver with her Immortals After Dark series, this series has not gone the way of other series of the same nature…it still continues to impress, while staying fresh and original with each take.

Review: The thirteenth IAD is the tale of Uilleam MacRieve one of the twin Highlander Lykae that are lusted after by most females in the Lore. Uilleam or Will is a centuries old Lykae that has been brushed over in a few of the IAD books, never really portrayed as a great hero, so I wasn’t that excited when I heard it was his time for a book. But, I changed my mind quickly as Cole brought us right into the compound of the Lykae and we got to check out exactly how the clan works .

The heroine is spunky Chloe, a professional soccer player and the daughter of one of the most hated men in the Lore, the guy in charge of all those experiments on immortals done by the para-military group that hunts immortals. It makes things quite complicated because of Will’s prior introduction to her father and his torture techniques in Carrow and Regin’s book. Chloe thinks she knows exactly what is going on in her life, she is training for the Olympics, her father is absent a lot but he loves her. Until she starts developing supernatural abilities. When her father finds out, he gives her a book on the Lore and then leaves her to her own devices, making some cryptic statement about how he hoped this wouldn’t have happened.

Chloe then, having no knowledge of the Lore gets scooped up immediately by witches who are bent on selling her off to the highest bidder, to immortals who are screaming for revenge on her father. Luckily for her, her mate turns out to be Will, also bent on revenge on her father, but now torn as he discovers Chloe’s his mate. Thanks of course to Nix who tricks him into going to the auction.

Angst and sexy-time ensues as Chloe is introduced to the world of the Lore and Will has to battle through his damaged past, memories of torture and the rape as a child that destroyed his family and the prejudices those rapes and tortures caused. It was typical Cole and delivered in her perfect manner. Her plots of the different books overlap in almost a seamless pattern that leaves me speechless to her great world-building ability. I have to say Cole has surpassed my expectations and I can’t get enough of her writing. If you are looking for a great paranormal romance series, start reading about Cole’s Immortals After Dark, you won’t be able to stop!


Narration was handled by Robert Petkoff who is the same narrator from the other Immortals After Dark books. I love his accents, he did a great job with the all the Scots. I do think it’s funny when he does the naughty parts though, he has some fun sound effects.

Recommendations: Like all of Cole’s book, it really isn’t necessary to read all of the IAD books to experience this one. You can pick them up and just enjoy the romance, getting pieces and parts of the world to your liking. Of course, it is recommended that you experience the series from the beginning. This is an adult paranormal romance, no fade to black scenes here, in fact Kresley Cole knows how to write a sex scene! Swoon ladies, swoon!