Some are new, some are new to me. Overall I thought you might like to learn about them.


Booklikes a great tool for book bloggers

If I was just starting out as a book blogger, I think I would go Booklikes all the way. Booklikes is a tumble blog just for book lovers. This is also a wonderful alternative to if you are looking to jump ship from that hot mess. My favorite part of booklikes is the timeline, you can get a great idea of your book reading/speed/trends in one glance.

Skitch & Evernote


Like having your own personal photographer.
photo credit: 55Laney69 via photopin cc

I put these together because they work hand-in-hand. Evernote is a notation software where you can keep track of your thoughts, urls, ideas etc. This is a great tool to keep you organized and will sync over all of your devices. Better yet, it is free. Skitch is a photo-edit type program that can import photos or take a screen snap. You can then add annotations, arrows, exclamations etc. I use Skitch a lot, especially when doing tutorials.


Everyone is always looking for free photos to use on their blog posts. Photopin is a searchable photo database that allows you to insert creative commons photos and even includes a handy dandy attribution link included. You can’t beat that! The downside, it takes a bit of digging to figure out if you can use the photo, the information is not readily listed, like on Stock exchange.

Gravity Forms

I can not stop raving about my Gravity Forms. Forms, you say? Who cares about forms? I care about forms! The great thing about forms, the fact that I have forms that propagate directly into my posts. Why would I want this? My number 1 example would be the Author Interviews I post. I direct interested authors to my forms and their input goes directly to a Pending Review post. I got this idea for Jane Litte of Dear Author and I can’t thank her enough for that post. See her post here. {I am a RocketGenius affiliate, clicking title link will take you to Rocketgenius site}

Get Pocket

This is a fantastic app that you can install in Chrome or Firefox. It is a “save for later” app. I know you probably have numerous blogs that you follow via RSS feeders, but how many times have you clicked a twitter link, or just happened across a web page that you needed to read, but couldn’t read right at that moment. Get pocket is a wonderful way to save that page and then come back to it later when you have time. You can also tag those posts, search and look via time frame. It’s a very handy tool, especially if you are compiling lists or tutorials, like I do!


Don’t have Photoshop but want a cool blogger picture, or make a quick button? Check out this online photo editing software. It is really easy to use and free.


A fun tool that can do all sorts of things for your blog. This is fun to play with and the possibilities are endless. The big word in blog design in the early 2000s was interactivity. Keep your users “doing” things on your site. It is not just giving information anymore, it is also interacting. It still holds true. Thinglink allows you to take an image and make it interactive.

Hold your mouse over the above image for the interactive features.

Editorial Calendar Plugin

I don’t think I could blog without this plugin. Why open a calendar and figure out a date for your post, when you can just open up the editorial calendar plugin and hit new post on the date you need. This is great for on-the-fly date scheduling like when you get a tour schedule confirmation.


I share files all the time, from the eBooks that we get in for review (I have to pass them along to the reviewer that chooses them), I drop them in a designated folder that they can pick up at their leisure without bogging down everyone’s emails. I also share image files, client files, tour graphics…you name it. I also use dropbox to backup my blog off site. Just in case. I went through Katrina. I know what it is like to leave home and come back and everything is gone, including all your computers and files.


Those Google Alerts not working for you? Luckily, they have an app for that. Google Alerts haven’t worked for me in over 3 years, they work for some people, I guess just not my account. I’ve found mention…there is a free account too!

There is also Talkwalker Alerts but I have not tried it out … yet.

Give a few of these fantastic tools a try, you might fight you can’t live without them!


Book Blogger News

Book Junke Choice Awards

Book Junkie Choice Awards

The Book Junkie Choice Awards launched this week, you can nominate your favorite books in most genres at the current moment. There will be a big fancy award ceremony (probably) and there will also be great giveaways for people that submit and vote on titles.


Latest Goodreads scandal gets a bit out of control

Monday morning a post went live by a hopeful writer named Lauren Pippa, in the post it stated very dramatically that she had decided to not publish because of bullying that was occurring on On first glance I thought it was sad that this author had decided to close up shop because of a few idiots, but then on the other hand I thought it was kind of silly for her to do this all because of a few idiots. It is like giving up your dream of becoming a doctor just because the person sitting next to you in your biology class threw their book at you. By closing up shop you let the MORONS win. And this girl does not like morons winning. But, again that is my humble opinion. The reason for the attack of trolls was because she made a comment about a person marking her book as 2 stars, even though review copies hadn’t gone out yet. THIS IS CALLED BAITING. They did this on purpose. They did this to get the author to DO something. And she did, even though it was innocent. She casually inquired about how could her book have a 2 star rating if it’s not even available yet. The trolls descended, she engaged, it got out of control. One particular troll put her on shelves like “author-should-be-ganged-raped”. I had seen the list and the goodreads user, but it has since been removed. I kick myself for not screencapping…she’s still on a few not so nice shelves. Really it was about three people that were doing this. Only three. But, it made the news. There was even a petition that was started. What a shit storm? The STGRB even got involved – which brought out the Authors Behaving Badly mobs… all because of 1 little 2 star rating on Since then, Lauren has pulled down her blog. There is funny message there…obviously I’m drama chasing or something...with a message “Continue to be mean or continue to support, because it makes no difference to me.” Which ouch, because I was in the support arena and with the makes no difference to me, line…well okay. Then I guess I could give a shit too. I’m currently shaking my head at the whole situation…my advice: The best way to fail, is to not even try and regret follows you to the grave. This is such a stupid thing, it might seem HUGE but it is so stupid. To give up on a dream because of a few stupid people is shameful. I found this post by the wonderful Pam,… it goes into details about how really doesn’t matter to authors – and it is true. Authors really need to start ignoring the stupids and focusing on the positives, because it is now obvious there are certain people that love to BAIT and now that they’ve realized that it is news — they are doing it consciously and with intent. Why do I feel like a broken record?

Happy Thursday Everyone! Have a great day, now it’s time to Talk Less, Read More, Blog with Integrity and if you have any questions that you want featured in a BB101 – ask them here: Click me!