Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.


A common representation of the male version of the malum bonumlegitis utilitor. While this is a gross exaggeration of the common malum bonumlegitis utilitor, it is considered close to the truth.

Parajunkee’s View has a special guest today on the blog. FBI profiler Karen Vasquez. Karen, in a special assignment, from the special unit, designated Special Cases Unit, has taken a special interest in the goings-on of the internet site known to some as and to others as the DEN OF MISCREANTS & AUTHOR HATERS. When probed (not literally) by this site about why the FBI is interested in and the trolls that populate that site, Karen only responded with a cryptic, “stupid is as stupid does” and left it at that.

Karen did offer up her profile of what a common troll looks, acts and behaves like in real life, just in case, you might know them personally and it might entice you to glare at them in the line of McDonald’s or something if you happen to run into them.

Here is the FBI’s Profile of a Common Goodreads Troll, aka malum bonumlegitis utilitor.

This profiler has found in her research of behavior on the internet web site labeled Goodreads, that actions termed trolling is a common occurrence and that some users have readily classified themselves as Trolls all for the intention of striking fear in the internet users that frequent their same forums. This behavior of intimidation speaks of a repressed life, in their everyday existence. Most likely these trolls are unable to voice their opinions to the people around them. They are probably in a low-paying job, viewed as unintelligent by their peers and most likely in a loveless marriage, or divorced.  Possible substance abuse problems are suspected. The behavior speaks of aggression, but because it is “faceless” interaction and done through the secrecy of fake names and aliases, it is most likely a female, in the age range of 26 – 38.

In most cases of trolling the behavior is excessive inflammatory words used with misspellings and typos prevalent throughout most statements. This gives more credence to the fact of the unintelligent nature, and because this is a reading site, I would assume in this profile that the majority of internet trolls are failed writers. The profile speaks that even giving them the term “fails writer” implies that they finished a novel that they actually tried to publish, most likely they never even finished a novel. Their actions speak of jealousy, while they try to convey aggression and intimidation. Their method of causing chaos, where others are trying to build community only brings back to their unstable nature. This person/persons should never be approached in real life, most likely you would never even consider approaching them. They are that socially awkward person that never leaves their house, that sits behind their computer day after day, checking their forum posting. Their only enjoyment, that adrenaline rush when someone “attacks” back. This profiler perceives these people as a non-threat and the way to combat these actions is to ignore. Their enjoyment comes in the reactions of the people around them, because they do not get any reactions in real life. They are ignored people, that barely leave their homes, or have real conversations. They should be pitted, not enticed to “speak their opinions.” Like everyone else on the internet they have a “right” to their opinion, but that does not mean their opinion should have an audience.

Thank you Agent Vasquez for taking the time out of your day to visit this book blog!

Dishing Junk feature is satirical in nature, this is a fictional representation of a FBI agent, Parajunkee’s View has no affiliation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any character that resembles a real-life person is purely coincidental.