Come Alive follows Dex, Perry and Maximus to NOLA, as they try to get their EIT show back up and running. Perry and Dex are going through a major relationship over haul, and the situation they are in NOLA does nothing to ease the pressure they are putting on each other. Note, this book contains zombies, the vodou kind, which is cool. I love vodou and zombies. Why do I not live in NOLA?

This is one of those reviews that I struggle to write, because it’s not exactly positive. It’s still 3.5, which means it was a good book, but it didn’t thrill me like the previous six books.

A few months ago I fell in love with this amazing horror/paranormal/series and it’s quirky heroine. Experiment in Terror swept me away, it frightened me, and yes the romance is great. But as the series progressed it became more about the romance, and less about the scares and thrills. Which were the biggest draw for me, but that’s okay because I still had Perry. And I loved her voice. Until this book. I read the novellas in Dex’s POV, and they left me wanting Perry back. But still, I am nothing if not a loyal fan, and when this book came out I immediately bought it. And then proceeded putting it off, because friends had warned me about “Derry”, and their complete saturation of these pages.

So when I picked it up I was pleasantly surprised that I liked what I was reading, even if Dex did reduce Perry to walking T&A. I know, I know he’s a guy, but seriously it was a bit overkill. I love a good steamy romance as much as the next girl, but I need it to drive the story. Really, I know I am insane but if a sex scene lasts more then a page I get bored with it and start skimming, lucky for me Karina Halle is able to pack a real punch into sex scenes and still not have them push me away.

I love Karina Halle, and I do follow her on Facebook and Twitter so I have read her updates that EIT was meant from the beginning to be about Dex and Perry’s relationship from the beginning. So I can accept it, but I want to be scared too. Perhaps this book seemed less scary because Dex is harder to frighten? I don’t know. I imagine thinking of new and exiting ways to scare readers in a series this long is must be hard.

Karina’s writing is flawless, I don’t mean there are never any errors in it. Her writing is like crack, I get sucked into it and I may not like what is happening in the story she is weaving, but I can’t stop reading it. She sucks me in, and she gets me. The humor she infuses into her books is just the way I like it, dirty, childish, and dark. Sarcasm drips from her characters in great big globs. It’s beautiful.

I like Dex and Perry, and sure as heck like Derry, but I want them to just be together and then go on awesome fictional adventures that scare the crap out of me. Which is why I will keep coming back for more, because I am addicted to these books, good or bad, up or down I’m in it for the long haul.

I so cannot wait for book eight when we are back in Perry’s head. She is SO much fun, and as she finds herself in the series she becomes more kick-a$$.