How to figure out the KEYWORD enigma

In your time on the internet I’m sure you have heard stuff like SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, maybe you’ve even heard of SEM, Google algorithm and Pagerank!

But the simple basis for all of this is the term – keyword. What will those users search and find you? You don’t want people searching “how to bake a cake?” and getting your blog, right? You want them to stay and get the quality content you deliver for the term they searched, thereby cutting out high-bounce rates and sucking in new followers.

And it all comes down to the right keywords.

So, how do you choose the right keywords? How do you narrow down which one’s to use?

This is where KEYWORD RESEARCH comes in, something that you can do on a daily basis or do it whenever you feel like it. Companies will spend hours daily one keyword research, or pay companies to do it for them.

Here are few quick tips when you are trying to narrow down keywords to use:

  1. Describe your blog. What are terms used in your description? Book Blog? Paranormal book blog? Romance book blog? Movie review blog? Those keywords are a good place to start.
  2. Check out Google’s AdWords, keyword research tool –Β  and get some ideas. You will have to sign up for an AdWords account, but you don’t have to buy anything. Google will give you suggestions based on the categories you select.
  3. Use your current incoming traffic as a guide, what are they searching for already and finding your blog (THAT YOU APPROVE OF!), expand on the keyword and use it.
  4. Once you have a list of keywords, search using those keywords and see what you get. What you think is a great keyword, might be a HIGH traffic keyword, or something that returns the “wrong” type of content.
  5. Before implementing the keywords, make sure you deliver on the results of those keywords. You don’t’ want people to search those keywords and come up short.

Suggested General Keywords forΒ  Book Blogs:

book blog fiction book review popular authors best books best fiction books book blogger book suggestions Recommended books Good reads top reads top books
young adult book blog (insert your niche + book blog) book genres romance books fiction books Good book kids books books online book group good books for {insert niche topic}

Look Under the Hood

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Question of the Week
“I have business cards with my website on it ( and if I buy a domain & webhosting through – if people type in the URL with the on it will it direct them to the new site or will I have to get new business cards made?

Thanks! and I LOVE your site!” – The Broken Shelf

Thanks so much! This is a simple fix – and you would just use something called a redirect, which is something you want to do, even if you DIDN’T have business cards made. offers a paid redirect service. It is $13 a year. Just click on the Store tab in your dashboard.

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